Play YouTube Videos In Background (Android & iOS) No Additional App

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hey what's going on everybody its Gabi

here and today I'm gonna show you how to

play youtube videos in background on

your Android phone or iPhone so normally

we will play our YouTube videos on

YouTube app for our Android or iPhone

and if we want to play any music video

or any video in background we can't do

that we just have to keep open this app

so we can play the YouTube videos so

normally you can't do this with this

application but there is a way so you

don't need to download any additional

app if you don't use browser you may

have to download the browser but browser

is default so I'm using the Android it

should be same for the iPhone so you

just have to open the Google Chrome like

that and go to YouTube website from

Google Chrome okay I'm gonna go to the YouTube in browser and in an

application it will look similar

something like this and now you just

have to search your favorite video which

you want to play in background so let me

search for my music I guess let's say I

want to play this in background this

music how it begin by silent Penta okay

now you have to click on three dot many

of the google chrome like that and it

should be same on iOS okay if you use

Safari click on your menu button and

after that it will show the option

desktop site at least it's here in

Google Chrome if you don't see in Safari

if your iPhone user you may have to

download the Google Chrome okay in

Google Chrome it's option now click on

desktop site okay just check it like

that and you will see the site will

change it will show you the PC version

of YouTube and as you know in PC we can

play any video music anything on YouTube

and minimize the browser and then do

other stuff you can do the gameplay or

you can do anything like write a note

you know in desktop it's easy to play

the YouTube videos in background so yeah

doing in fun it's not that complicated

in phone all you have

you know is that you know turn on the

desktop side so you can access the

desktop version of YouTube and it will

allow you to play the YouTube videos in

background so that's easy as hell so

once you have turn on the desktop side

now play like that okay you can see

there's a notification that it's playing

okay now you just have to minimize it

when you minimize it messed up but you

can again click on this button if you

press on next it will play the next song

or the next video so you just have to

click on play button and now it's

playing in background you can do other

stuff you can play a game you can do

anything you want even in your phone so

it works same as a PC so I think that's

it that's how you play the YouTube

videos in background I'm gonna minimize

it okay I'm just gonna close it actually

like that and yeah hope you enjoyed this

little trick and if you ever wanted to

play any beauty videos or music in

background that's how you do it without

any additional application only thing

you need is browser that's it so if you

don't have a Google browser I will put a

link in the description you can go there

and download the Google browser and yeah

that's it I will see you in the next one

take yourself in a fun Shh