Play YouTube in Background With Screen Off – No Additional App Needed (Android & iOS) | 2019

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hi guys this is dude from ascetics in

this quick tutorial I'll be the most

written and easy way to play a YouTube

video at the background of your iPhone

or Android phone while performing other

tasks and if you want you could even

turn off your screen light and your

music will continue to play at the

background not just does this make

multitasking on your phone possible

telling off your screen light while

playing music on YouTube saves you a ton

of energy and hence prolongs your

battery life and by the way we won't be

using any third-party app for this so

typically when you play your YouTube

videos using the normal YouTube app it

requires your screen to be 10 on the

whole time for the video to continue to

play and you also need to have the

YouTube app at the fall screen otherwise

the video will automatically pause until

you open the app again and even if the

app is on the fall screen and you turn

off your display then it equally pauses

the video until you turn your screen

back on and tap the play button

with this you really can't multitask

with your YouTube music playing at the

background to tweak this a bit and play

your favorite music at the background

while doing other things on your phone

or without having to keep your screen

light on all you need is a simple web

browser here I'll be using Chrome to

demonstrate the process you can use some

other browser you just need to look out

for this setting I'll be adjusting from

your browser settings so here I will

open up my Chrome then search YouTube

after the YouTube home page has loaded

just go to the top right corner of the

screen where you have these three dots

and click on it you should have a

drop-down like this with all these

different options you go down to where

it says desktop site you'll find a

checkbox to the right just select that

it should notice your page refresh in

afterwards and now you have a page that

looks just like your typical desktop

site and stole your browsing on your

laptop now search for your intended

music or some other YouTube video you

would want to have just the audio plane

at the background I'm just gonna pick a

random video from the channel so now I

have my video plane to have it play at

the background I can tap my home button

and then right at the top here I have

this little speaker icon and when I pull

down and I have this mini YouTube player

with some controls so here I can choose

to keep playing the current track or to

go to previous or next track so let's

say I choose to continue with a current

track I could still open up any other

app I want and continue with my work

which is cool now here's what I find

even more interesting I could just turn

off my display like I would normally do

when playing on Spotify or iTunes or

some other mp3 player and my music will

keep playing at background one track

after the other

and if you have a playlist you've

created on YouTube then it becomes even

more convenient and that is it for this

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see you in the next one