How to Listen YouTube on Sonos

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so there is five ways to play youtube on

a sonos system

the first method is with the youtube

music application built in

into the sonos application but be aware

this only applies to

musical content you can find on youtube

and require

a youtube premium subscription go to the

sonos application on your phone and

at the very lower right corner you will

find the setting gear

and then go to services and voices then

add a service

then youtube music and follow the


to connect your youtube account you will

then have access to

all youtube musical content as well as

your playlist

if it's a video clip or just a big

mix of music that sometimes lasts for

one or two hours

this type of content will be available

on youtube music

the second method will be to connect

your smartphone or your computer

to one of your sonos device with an

analog input

we find these input on the sonos 5 the


and the amp and this input can be shared

on all sonos speakers in your house

for example here in my office my

computer is connected to my sonos

5 just right here and the sonos one

just beside it and the sun was smooth

over here

and the other sonos one that you can't


because it's just right there well

they can play what my computer play on

my sonos 5

all at the very same time if you decide

to go on this way

and you end up with a trouble of lip


because there is a too long delay

between what you can see

and what you can hear well don't worry

about this

i have a solution for you and it's just

right here

it's a very simple solution the third

method to play

youtube on sonos device is with


but this one is only possible with the

sonos move

because he's the only one with a

bluetooth input

and unlike the analog input you can find

the sonos 5 the bluetooth connection

is not shareable with other sonos


so it will only play on the sonos move

the fourth method is to play youtube

on your tv and if you don't have

anything to play youtube on your tv

you can use a google chromecast it works

really well

and it costs almost next to nothing once

it's playing on your tv you can

send the sound from your tv to any sonos


so yes this method required sonosumbar

but the hdmi arc and the optical input

of any sonos soundbar

is shareable like the analog input to

any other zonal speakers in your house

the last method

if you have an iphone an ipad or a mac

you can send any sound of your device so

including youtube to any sonos devices

with airplay with an ipad or an iphone

in any music application look for one of

these two icons

click on it and select the sonos speaker

you want

on a mac go at the very top right corner

of your screen

and click on the speaker you will have a

drop down menu

and you'll be able to select any sono

speaker in your house

as an audio output however if you don't

see your sonos devices

in that menu it's probably because you

have an older sonos generation

but if you had one used on those devices

from a new generation

you will implement the airplay

inside your sonos system so from there

you will be able to play with airplay

on any sonos speaker even if they are

older but you need a new sonos

speaker and like the analog input like

the hdmi

arc and the optical input the airplay

is shareable to all other speakers

so we've just made the tour of all the

possible ways to connect youtube

to sonos if you need a google chromecast

for your tv

or one of the sonos speaker i have

present well i have left you link in the


so you can find them easily online so

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