Watch Youtube videos Offline with Youtube Offline

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hi there this is Ranjit and in this

video I'm going to show you how you can

watch my youtube videos even if you

don't have an active internet connection

in fact YouTube has recently launched

this feature called YouTube offline and

if you use the latest version of the

YouTube player on your what do you say

Android devices or even tablets you can

actually store the video and watch it

later on and it's pretty useful I would

say just a couple of days ago I was

traveling and I actually stored some

videos offline and I was able to watch

them when I was in flight and it's

actually pretty easy to do the same let

me show you how so this is my smartphone

and I just launched the YouTube app and

as you can see this is the YouTube app

and the thing that we are looking at is

if you tap over here you'll find this

offline option and here the offline

videos that you have stored will be

there and you can actually watch them

and show you that a bit later but let's

see how first you can actually store

some for example let's search for my own

channel then let's say I want to and

this is the video that I want to

actually store I just pause this and

you'll notice this download icon you

just hit on this and select the

resolution and it should store the video

and we add it to the queue and as you

can see if we go to the notification bar

now it started downloading that video

and it'll be completed and the app will

notify you can continue can just and do

your browsing and store other videos

also for example let's say let's search

for c4e tech let's try to watch this

draw my life should be interesting from

Silla and let's also download this and

again I'll download it and add it to the

queue and here as you can see it showed

us a check mark that means the first

video was downloaded and the second one

is being downloaded right knope's sorry

let me just go out of this and let it

finish downloading again the downloading

will depend upon your internet

connection I would suggest that you

download these videos when you have a

fast internet connection like Wi-Fi that

way it will be a lot

now the videos are downloaded let me

just disconnect completely from the

internet as you can see I'm not

connected to my Wi-Fi network or even to

my mobile beta and I'm completely

offline if I just try to let's say watch

this video it will say that's not

available offline and I can't watch it

because I don't have an active internet

connection but if I go here I have the

offline option available and if I click

that I can watch all these videos for

example I can click on this and watch it

and for glory for example this other

video that we down there is so as you

can see so you can easily watch your

videos even when you don't have any

active internet connection and let's say

you can manage it all so as you can see

I have a bunch of media let's say you're

finished watching this you can just

click on this and also remove it from

the offline so this way you can manage

your videos and watch them offline even

when you don't have an internet

connection but do remember that that

download I can might not be visible for

every a YouTube video out there because

it depends upon a lot of conditions like

rights etc and also this feature has not

been enabled in every region in fact

even us creators don't have that option

yet I hope you found this video helpful

if you found it helpful I'll appreciate

if you can click the like button and if

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free to subscribe thanks for watching

this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in

my next video