SOLVED - How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background (iPhone)

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how is it going everybody you're

watching that about Tech and today I

bring you my final guide my final

tutorial on how to play a YouTube video

in the background using your iPhone

meaning you can be watching a video on

youtube and then you can turn off the

screen and the video will keep playing

and of course the audio will keep

playing same story you can like go to

your home screen play with your iPhone

open another app and same story video

will keep playing audio will keep

playing this is awesome for listening to

music on your iPhone this is just

amazing and I say this is my final guide

because for the first time I'm gonna

teach you how to do that using Safari so

you don't need to download any apps or

anything like that we're just gonna use

our native browser Safari so this

process will always work so without

further ado let's just go ahead and

begin okay guys so let's begin because

it's super simple and just to make

things clear I have music in the

background playing in the background

music from my Apple music app and it

doesn't matter because this process

always works okay let's have a look so

let's open Safari as I promised and then

let's open the YouTube first thing we're

gonna need to do is go to the desktop

version this is the mobile version

obviously so then we're gonna go to the

desktop version if we're running iOS 13

or later all you have to do is tap on

the 8th a right here at the top left

corner and then request that stop

website and then it's gonna

automatically load the web the the

desktop YouTube as you guys can see

right there if we're running if you are

running iOS 12 or earlier you're gonna

tap on the share button right here at

the bottom and then somewhere around

here your or maybe here you're gonna see

requests that stop website same story

but it's gonna be in the share sheet

right there maybe even the Edit action

just look for it it's gonna be there ok

so as soon as you are in the desktop

version you can open up any video

and then I just looked for my channel so

then your ball tag this will just open

it up so we can select the video right

here and then as you guys can see all my

videos are there let's just pick any

video whatever just click no problem

so the video is playing and let's just

now exit the video and then the video

will stop playing as you guys can see

just stops that's expected all you have

to do now is pull down the control

center the video will be pre-loaded

right there is then a ball tag as you

guys can see and all you have to do now

is play a step on the play button so as

you guys can see it doesn't show the

music anymore that I had in the

background it is too busy toots for the

YouTube video so I hit play and then the

video is start playing that's it

that's just what you need to do keep in

mind that maybe this won't work in the

first time the first time you do this

maybe it will like play and pause

automatically it won't do that if it

does that play in posting all you have

to do is go to Safari one more time and

then like go back to the video to the

beginning of the video let it load again

from the start and then it will work

okay it will work we go back again and

play and it will work because as you

guys can see it always works this

process absolutely always works so if it

doesn't work on the first go go back to

the beginning choose Safari go back to

the beginning of the video and then do

this process because it will 100% work

so hit play and of course it's gonna

play here

he's gonna play in the lock screen as

well sorry so there you have it it works

in absolutely any scenario

it just works every single time there's

no way it won't work so that's pretty

much it guys make sure to hit the like

button if you liked it hit the comment

section if it didn't make you work for

some reason but a guarantee it's always

gonna work you're gonna be using Safari

you don't need to download anything and

keep in mind that if it doesn't work in

the first go don't get impatient don't

go ahead and hit the dislike button no

go to Safari

the video like go to the back go to the

beginning of the video again and hit

play just as I mentioned just follow

what I show you I guarantee this will

always work so that's pretty much it

and I'll see you guys in the next

tutorial bye bye