Sending XM Radio Activation Signal To XM or Sirius Radio Tuners

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okay doing a quick video today on

sending an activation signal to your XM

radio this also works for serious radios

as well as Sirius and XM have actually

merged into one company as you can see

here I have no signal I have this little

piece of tape here because when I when I

show you my ID I don't want my ID going

out there on the internet but I'm on XM

channel one as you can see and normally

that would be streaming advertising okay

now you don't need to activate your

radio to actually be able to hear

advertising on on XM channel one you

should be able to hear it regardless of

whether you have a contract or not if

you're not hearing that or you're not

getting a signal the more than likely

you have an issue with your antenna or

you're somewhere where you can't get a

signal currently I'm in my garage so you

know of course I'm not going to get a

signal so where the next thing you need

to do is you need to get your radio ID

they call it in

sorry in es n or s ID so just go change

your channel over to zero so switch it

over from XM channel 1 to channel 0 to

channel 1 sorry from from Radio from one

where the channel 1 on XM is your

advertising and change it over to

channel 0 0 0 and there you'll get a

radio ID as you can see and you can see

the first four characters of mine are

GPC a I don't want to do the rest of

course but it'll be an eight character

code and nobody numbers up probably in

the last bat last bit of it but

basically write down that code and then

next we're going to go on to the XM

radio activation signal page and we'll

go from there

ok so you've gotten your XM radio ID

from your channel zero zero zero written

up down so next you gotta hit the XM

activation page so just do a Google

search for XM activation xn activation

there you go and then you get first one

here where it says care X Sirius XM

so send a radio activations signal just

click on that and then you get to their

webpage okay so at this point you want

to put your code in here whatever it is

you know it's mine is an eight digit

code I'm taking yours is two and put it

in here and it actually tells you how to

find it here you know

but regardless I basically put it in

here and then you hit Send activation

request okay I'm going to do it says you

know please enter a valid ESN of course

I don't have one but basically it just

takes it and goes now your car you know

according to what they're saying here

and is that your car needs to be out

with the antenna facing skyward turn

tuned to channel 184 for Sirius radios

and or channel one for XM or Sirius XM

Radio's right there okay and as it says

here if you do not receive a service

service within five minutes in other

words if you don't start hearing

something in that period of time you

know of course you got to have a

contract with Sirius radio to get any

serious channels other than channel 1

which is the demo channel then basically

if that doesn't work it says to call one

eight one eight five five my refresh or

six nine or one eight five five six nine

seven three three seven three okay once

you've done that it should work for you

just fine understand though that if you

aren't receiving channel one on your XM

radio which is the preview channel then

there's something wrong with your you

know with your basically there's

something wrong with your radio now if

if you've sent a activation signal and

your cars outside open to the sky with a

you know clear view to the sky with your

antenna and not under a tree

cardboard but outside in the air with

the sky open over it and you're still

not getting a signal on channel 0 1 0 0

1 which is the preview channel then

probably you have some sort of antenna

issue or radio issue you should be able

to hear the preview channel of XM

without any activation at all but try an

activation see if that makes it go and

if that doesn't work well then call

either your car manufacturer my case it

was Hyundai and I had a bad antenna

covered under warranty beautifully but

you know in your case who knows and or

call Sirius XM and see if you can sort

it out with them ok so that's how you

send the radio activation signal that's

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