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hey what is up if you guys are like me

you might have just received your Apple

air pods and I just want to do a quick

demonstration for you guys on how to

play them out of one ear

charging case

so what you want to do is get your headphones out

If you have not paired them yet

it's really simple to do what you want

to do is you want to place your Apple

air pods close up to your phone after

you have turned bluetooth on so really

simple to do a menu pops up hit connect

simple as that

ready to play, when i go ahead and play

listening to john legend now if you're like

me you may want to have one airpod in

one airpod out and so all you need

to do is just hit play again to get it

started after you've taken one airpod

out so it's now playing out both

headphones you're also draining the

battery out of this one of the ways that

you can do to not play out of this

headphone is by simply putting it back

in its charging case put back in its

charging case and this airpod

charging and this one is playing

straight out so it's always going to

play straight out of this one now you

don't have to go in and hit pause every

time that is how to play your music or

audio out of one airpod while the other

one is off

thank you