How to use TWO pairs of headphones at the same time on PC!

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what's up YouTube today I want to show

you guys how to use two headsets on your

PC at the same time now you may want to

do this if you have a friend that comes

over a lot or your relative your

girlfriend or whatever you're doing on

your PC you want want to share the

experience with someone else for my

situation it's a my girlfriend so when

she comes to watch me play games a lot

and watch videos she can't hear anything

that I'm hearing because I have the

headset on all the time so what I want

to do was find out how to use this

headset at the same time as his headset

so if she could hear so what I did was I

plugged this headset in the back of my

monitor that I'm using right now this

one so that should cure through the

monitor I thought at the same time would

be easy and I just it took me an hour

and a half to figure out but I figured

it out so when I did that I just turned

up the volume on the monitor itself if

you don't turn up the volume on the

monitor they're not going to hear crap

in here girl you wonder like why the

can't you hear right but right

after that I want to right click ear

playback devices and then you want to go

down to speaker this is where you want

your default set as the vault device for

that and for communication in case your

game chat stuff

and then you're going to want to go to

recording scroll down to where it says

stereo mix this is what's going to make

you both be able to hear stuff at the

same time so your headset should be

plugged in to where the speakers are

usually plugged in this works for people

who just want to use their speakers to

at the same time but for this case two

headsets but I have my my turtlebeach

headphones plugged into where the

speaker port is in the back of my PC and

then we go to reporting this is where

stereo makes kicks in your right click

stereo mix go to properties and in here

you're going to want to go to listen you

wanna check that then

you pick whichever audio device you're

going to be using so for me the monitor

that I'm using for my Astra headset is

the Asus monitor which is called VX - 4

AC or whatever I don't know why but

that's that's this is the place where

your friend or your girlfriend or your

sibling is going to be listening through

so click on that and then click apply

and this will be checked off that's how

that's pretty much how it works and

that's it

really easy so the end doesn't have to

be plugged into a monitor this tons of

different ways of doing it configuring

it yourself but this is just the way I

did it

but thank you guys so much for watching

I appreciate you coming by please leave

a like let me know if there's anything

else you might need help with I'll

definitely help you in the comments