How to SPY on people using your AirPods (**New Feature**)

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you know if you really want to test him

out why don't you try the old Jerry

Lewis trick Jerry Lewis I hurt when

Jerry Lewis left a meeting he purposely

leave a briefcase with a tape recorder

in it then after five minutes he'd come

back for it listen to what everyone's

thought about him

that's pretty paranoid yes it is like it

I thought you might have you ever

wondered if people talk about you after

you leave a room that episode of

Seinfeld originally aired way back in

1996 now over 20 years later you can

easily confirm your suspicions all you

need is an iPhone and air pods a

recently discovered feature of air pods

will allow you to use your phone as a

listening device and your air pods as a

receiver you can leave your iPhone in a

room and listen to what's being said via

your air pods in a live transmission

here's how to do it if you're on iOS 12

and a current iPhone go into settings

then go down to control center tap

customize controls and then tap the

green plus next to hearing now put your

air pods in and once they've connected

pull down to access control center

you'll now see an icon with an ear on it

tap that and then tap where it says live

listen off live listen should now be on

sending a live audio feed of what your

phone here's directly to your air pods

you'll know it's working because you'll

hear the sounds in the room and those

little bubbles will fill in so yes in

theory you can turn on live listen leave

your phone in a room with your friends

and then use the rest room to hear what

they're saying while you're not there

but if these were really your friends

they would probably take their

grievances up with you face to face and

just not talk smack about you behind

your back

now I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty sure

it's illegal to record someone without

their consent however this is not

recording it's just transmitting an

audio signal from your phone to your air


keep in mind that air pods work over

Bluetooth so if you get too far from

your phone you're gonna lose connection

now I don't actually suggest doing this

I just think it's crazy how easy it is

and how anyone with a pair of air pods

and an iPhone can do this perhaps it can

be used as a cheap and useful baby

monitor for example or a security device

but this live listen feature hit iOS a

while ago and is meant to be

with hearing aids but I'm curious to

know what you think Apple was thinking

when it enabled live listened to be used

with air pods let me know in the

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