How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone and Android (Any Carrier)

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this is what happens when you call

someone who doesn't have their voicemail

set up

i'm sorry the person you are trying to

reach has a voicemail box that has not

been set up yet

please try your call again later goodbye

i think that is the worst

so in this video i'm showing you how to

set up your voicemail box

on both iphone and android first

let's dive into iphone it's a fairly

straightforward process here

you jump into the phone application and

then in the bottom right

you have a voicemail icon if you tap

that you will see

right in the center of your screen an

option to set up your voice mailbox

tap setup and create a voicemail


now this can be anywhere from four to

six digits i typically like to use a

safe and secure four digit passcode that

no one is likely to guess

ahem please don't steal my password

and actually use something different

once you've created your pin you have

the option to use the default greeting

which sounds like this

your call has been forwarded to an

automated voice messaging system

nine seven eight four six zero eight two


seven is not available at the tone

please record your message

when you've finished recording you may

hang up or press one for more options

or you can record your own custom

greeting just tap the record button

uh talk for a few seconds say something

like hey you've reached stetson

thanks for calling i'll get back to you

as soon as i can whatever you want to

say for your voicemail message

tap stop tap done and you're done and

you can see this number has been getting

a lot of spam calls

and if you ever want to change your

voicemail greeting again because you

realized it was awful and you were

recording an example video for everyone


you can tap on greeting in the top left

and you can change your greeting either

back to the default

or record a new custom greeting that's

how you set up voicemail on iphone

here's how you set up voicemail on

android and this may vary depending on

your carrier

or what type of android phone you're

using i'm using a samsung galaxy s20 for

this example

and it's on us mobile's super lte plan

which uses the verizon network to set up

your voicemail you're first going to

want to actually

call your own number that will bring you

to your voice mailbox

you will hear your prompts in english

to confirm this change press pound to

cancel this change press star

language changed hello and welcome to

your personal mailbox on the message

management system

this is a special introduction for new


to begin this introduction we will set

up your mailbox for your personal use

first we will set up your password your

password is a secret number that

protects the security and privacy of

your messages

you will be asked to key in this number

each time you access your mailbox

pick a number that will be easy for you

to remember but hard for anyone to guess

okay that's pretty obvious just do

then press pound your password cannot

contain a series of consecutive digits

enter the new password between four to

seven digits then

press pause all right they're on to me

now uh what i actually recommend you


uh for a password is do a pattern on the


so i'm just gonna do a random pattern i

just thought of now and definitely don't

use for anything else

enter the new password between four to

seven digits then

press pound okay i just did that too

your new password is two five

six three please select the greeting you

wish callers to hear when they reach

your mailbox

to record a personal greeting press 1 to

select a standard greeting that will

play your phone number

press 2 at the tone record your greeting

at the end of your greeting press pound


first you set your language in my case i

set it to english

then you create your voicemail pin this

one on us mobile actually was smart

enough so i couldn't use the one two


four super secure voicemail pin and

instead i had to use

um just a random pattern i thought of on

the spot and definitely don't use for

anything else

and now once you're done uh recording

your greeting which is going on for far

too long you press

reading has been recorded as uh

recording your greeting which is going


to re-record your greeting press star to

keep the greeting you just heard press

pound so you also have the option to

re-record your greeting if it was awful


mine was awful so i'm going to re-record

it once you're satisfied

press pound greeting kept thank you your

mailbox has been set up

to change anything about your setup in

the future use the personal options menu

you can reach this menu by pressing 4 in

the main menu

remember your password 2 5 6

3 you have no new messages in your

mailbox to change your personal options

press 4 to disconnect press star

thank you and goodbye

and there you go that is how you set up

your voicemail on android

again it will vary possibly depending on

what phone

and carrier you have but in general

that's it that's the setup process for

both iphone

and android so you can get your

voicemail messages

and allow callers that you care about

like your family and friends

to actually leave you messages share

this video with anyone who hasn't set up

their voicemail box yet

i know you have a few friends who

haven't and be sure to subscribe

for more videos like this one i'm

stetson and i'll see you next time