How to listen to your voicemails just by dialing your number and how to set up voicemail on iPhone..

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what's up guys and voicemail for today's

video I want to show you guys how to

basically get your voicemails read to

you not just like checking and reading

through all your voicemails you can do

that a lot easier so let's get into that

video real quick you just wanna show you

guys what's gonna do with a quick video

about this I just wanted to show you

guys okay so starting on the video we're

gonna go on to the iPhone and this is

gonna require some blur outs because I

don't want you guys obviously seeing my

number because it requires you remember

so you unlock your phone don't be on

your home screen just see your home

slide up button I don't know why I'm

there and so what you're gonna wanna do

is go to your home screen and you see

the phone app tap on the phone app whoa

I almost dropped my phone there guys oh

okay so you don't want to go to your

keypad and you're gonna want to enter

your number I'm not gonna show you guys

obviously it doesn't matter yet but I'm

not gonna show you guys this one so when

you call that so so enter your password

then press pound so I'm gonna enter my

password you have just one your personal

options first Saved voice message sent

Thursday March 5th at 1041 a.m. okay so

that's pretty good I'm out there I just

didn't want to show you guys that but

that's really all you gotta do it if you

don't know how to set up your actual

voicemail if some it says like people

are asking you you're not getting

voicemail set up all you're gonna want

to do is it's easy you should guys

should look back on my video but I guess

I'll show you in this one so you're

gonna want to go into settings

you'll go down to the armed phone app

when you're in the phone app you're

going to be uh you're gonna have your

voicemail password and you can't set

voicemail password type at a password

that you'll remember and your voice will

set up just like that

so say I want to get in my voice my

passwords very long and then I hit done

not says re-enter new voicemail password

yeah so it's pretty cool guys she goes

the next video I just wanted to make

that quick one call it below if you guys

want a house tour like around my house

okay see you next video peace alibi that

was an accident so