Checking Voicemail

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in this video you will learn how to

check your voicemail in five different

ways one using your own internal phone

like your assigned desk phone two using

someone else's internal phone three

using a phone outside the system like

your cell phone for using the end-user

portal and five using your email with

voicemail notifications

the first method is to check your

voicemail from your own phone this phone

is typically a desk phone but can also

be any soft phone that is provisioned to

Jive like our mobile app for example to

check your voicemail from your phone

dial star nine nine

and then enter your password password

remember if you have never set up your

voicemail password the default is zero

zero zero zero you have two new messages

additionally some devices or soft phones

will have a voicemail key that typically

looks like an envelope or recording tape

that you can press to access your

voicemail this is just a shortcut but

does the same thing as dialing star nine

nine the next method is to use someone

else's phone this phone can be any phone

throughout the office as long as it is

provisioned to jive to do this dial star

nine eight

enter your extension mailbox and then

enter your password password you have

two new messages there may be times

where you are out of the office and

would still like to check your voicemail

using an external phone like your cell

phone or home phone to do this you will

need to reach your extension and there

are a couple ways to do this the easiest

is if you have a ten digit number that

calls your extension directly if you do

not have a direct number to your

extension dial any internal ten digit

number that routes you to an auto

attendant that allows for extension

dialing or that has an option to check

voicemail if you are not sure if such a

number exists on your system speak with

your system administrator for more

assistance once you reach your line let

it ring until your voicemail greeting

begins to play at this time you can

press start to access your voicemail and

then enter your password let's look at

an example of how this is done let's say

your company has a number that routes to

a dial plan that allows for extension

dialing start by dialing that number

from your cell phone at any time during

the auto attendant sound clip dial your

extension to leave the dial plan and

access your line your call may be

recorded for quality assurance and

training purposes thank you for calling

once your voicemail greeting plays press

star thank you for calling a password

and then enter your password

you have two new messages press one the

next method is to check your voicemail

online using the end-user portal all you

need is an active Jive ID and password

and you can easily listen to and manage

your voicemail using a visual interface

the last method is to set up voicemail

notifications that attach the message to

an email once you receive a voicemail

this is set up from the end-user portal

and can be changed at any time for any

assistance using our online end user

portal be sure to check out our

documentation online by having so many

methods to check your voicemail you will

be able to access your messages from

anywhere and in the best way that fits

your needs we hope this video helps you

stay connected in any situation you are