Samsung Galaxy S7 /S7 Edge Voicemail Setup

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hello hi guys it's Ian I'm here with the

Samsung Galaxy s7 now with your brand

new device you need to set up your

voicemail settings so you can get those

important voice messages that people

leave you so easiest way you can do this

head-on into phone once that loads go to

more then settings and then scroll down

till you go to voicemail settings tap

this and it says voicemail number not

set at the moment so tap this you get

the message on the screen now I'm on the

giffgaff network here in the UK so this

number will be specific to whatever

carrier or network you're on so I'm

going to hit mine which is 443 hit okay

and it says voice number changed okay

obviously not with that voice on your

handset though so once that's done you

can go into the phone application and to

test that it actually works we'll just

load up the phone app here hold down the

number one key and we'll see if that

actually works there we go so that's

working a-okay and that's how easily you

can set up your voicemail settings on

your brand new Samsung Galaxy s7

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for thanks for watching have a wicked

day and I'll see you next time