Vtech home line how to see your missed calls voicemails and how to call people

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hi everyone today I'm gonna be giving a

tutorial on a p-touch whom wine how to

call people and how to see your missed

calls and your voicemails what you're

gonna do is playboy smiles but you're

gonna see this famous casino voice mouth

or right how many missed calls you have

street address this little button right


and so like that and then you will see

your step and you'll see um if they have

a name they'll see their name but if

they don't like that and then you said

over and over you're gonna press in if

you want to change the name like if you

know who it is but it doesn't show the

mean can you make a confusion to press

this menu select press edit number like

see right there so and then name the

pasties so as you can see that numbers

so I'm just gonna type it at random oh

yeah and so delete like the numbers

delete that unavailable you're gonna

press this mute button

and then you're gonna type in what you

want I'm just gonna put a random thing

and then if you want to make this a you

want to be press that if you want to be

missed you want to see pass through

things like that and so now I'm gonna

teach y'all guys how it's a call what

you're gonna do is you see all these

buttons on here you're gonna type in

your number you type in your number and

if it's button it's called top then you

get to hear it ring and then what you're

gonna do is you want to hang up if they

don't help you want to hang up it's

gonna press this off button and I'm just

about to get to your new home screen

you see what time it is and you could

see how many miles you have thanks for