How to Set Up & Activate Voicemail on iPhone

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need to get your voicemail set up on

your iPhone but not sure how to go about

it if so you've come to the right place

I'm Jessica from tech boomers comm in

this video we're going to show you how

to get your voicemail set up and

activated on your iPhone we'll also give

you some helpful tips and things to keep

in mind before you start going through

the process now let's get started first

let's go over the instructions for how

to set up voicemail on iPhone tap the

phone icon on your home screen from the

menu that appears at the bottom of your

screen select voicemail

on the next page tap set up now

enter a four-digit passcode you'd like

to use for your voicemail then tap Done

the last step in setting up your

voicemail system on your iPhone is to

set an audio greeting that people will

hear before leaving you a voicemail

message you can choose to use the

default greeting by tapping default or

record your own personalized greeting by

tapping custom if you choose to record a

custom greeting tap record to begin

recording 1 when you're finished

recording your greeting tap save in the

top right corner those are all the steps

to setting up your voicemail there are a

few other things you should keep in mind

before you start the process of

activating your voicemail service so

next we'll go over these things with you

number 1 before you attempt to go

through the process of setting up

voicemail on your iPhone call your

mobile service provider to make sure

that you have a voicemail service

included in your monthly cell phone plan

some providers do charge extra for

voicemail service so if you don't

already have voicemail included in your

plan be prepared to pay a little extra

every month should you decide to add the

service to your plan number 2 if you

know you have voicemail included in your

cell phone plan but are having some

trouble getting your voice mail set up

on your phone we'd recommend calling

your mobile service provider they may be

able to answer your question or help you

solve the issue you're having number 3

once you're finished going through all

the steps to get your voicemail set up

on your phone we would recommend using

another phone to call your own number

and leaving a voicemail message for

yourself this way you can make sure that

your voicemail greeting and inbox have

been properly set up thanks for watching

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