Android 101: How To Check Your Voicemail

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hey guys it's David from lien Locker

calm and today we're doing another

Android 101 post on how to check your

voicemail on your Android device okay so

if you miss someone's call and they

leave you a voicemail and you want to

check it this is something basic that

you might not know how to do coming from

a different device on Android though the

fastest way to do that is when they you

call and they leave a voicemail a little

voicemail some will be up here it's the

same voice muscle that's on every device

for the last five years ten years it's

uh looks like a little tape deck you

would pull this down and then saying

voicemail you tap on that it would

automatically Val the voicemail that's

the fastest way to do it

few other ways you can go to your phone

and there's a voicemail symbol right

there tap that to call voicemail or you

can also hold down one and that calls

voicemail as well