Use Airpods + iPhone X as a Secret Listening Device ! ( Educational Use Only 😉)

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so guys this is a feature that's been

out since iOS 12 point Oh has been out

but it got a little popular recently I

saw a post on Reddit it's been popular

just like as a meme on social media so I

wanted to point this out and make this

video it's kind of fun use this for

educational purposes use it how you like

but don't say I told ya if you get in

trouble so basically what you need you

need an iPhone and a pair of ear pods no

this will not work with an iPhone and

other Bluetooth device no this will not

work with air pods and an Android device

unless it's some other like third-party

program I don't know about so what you

do you get both of your devices and what

we're looking for is a little widget

when you pull the drop down menu but

it's not there so we have to add it into

the control center so to add it to your

control center if you're not familiar

with that you go into settings you go in

to control center and you click

customize controls and you can see what

you have already and you can see that

other things you can add so all you got

to do is add the hearing option and if

you haven't added the screen recording

option already definitely do that that's

why I make all of my videos it's very

useful to have built-in screen recording

so then it's there you can swipe down

from the top and you can see that little

ear and all you got to do is just tap it

and right now you can see it says

Jeremy's ear pods unavailable for

current routes which I'm not really sure

that's weird wording but whatever so I

got to do to activate this you just open

your air pods and then you can see your

percentage right away

it pops up and then once you put them in

your ears you should be able to start

hearing it pretty much automatically so

now it says live listen off you just tap

it and now we can hear it it's really

jarring because you can hear if you're

talking so I would not advise you to

wear these if you are talking but maybe

you listening can you hear it can you

hear this can you hear this can you hear

this I don't know

so what we're gonna do whoa what was


so we're gonna do guys I'm going to

leave my phone in here and we're gonna

take the camera outside just as a little

test to see if or how well it works so

we're just gonna pull up my youtube

channel of course for that promo slash Jeremy

Judkins so guys I'm in the bedroom next

door to my office this is just like our

spare bedroom I put my burden here when

I'm filming because he gets a little

noisy so I put him in here on the floor

for just an hour so while I'm filming

that I put them back in my office but

right now I'm listening to myself in the

other room so I just have my smartphone

next to the computer and I can hear

what's playing I don't know if you can

hear this so this is like the most

bootleg domain setup I've been at in a

while I'm sitting on the floor in front

of a closet in a spare bedroom but I

just want to see if you can hear this so

I'm listening to this can you hear that

I don't know if you can or not I have to

keep all the sensors covered because I'm

not sure if it thinks it's out of my ear

okay guys there you go just a simple

demonstration on how it works you Eve

your phone where you want to hear the

noise you go about your business with

the air pods obviously the range is

dictated based on the range of the

Bluetooth of the air five air pods in

the iPhone in my testing you can

basically like walk outside if you're

not too far go in another room so you

can only imagine like what you can do

with these you know you can set your

phone down you could go use the bathroom

with your air pod still in this works

with or without the screen on so you can

be totally inconspicuous

you can make sure your phone is still

locked and everything will be good or if

you have people in a room talking about

someone else give your friend that is

the topic of conversation your air pods

to where you can just be on your phone

minding your own business and they can

hear all of the details of course this

is just educational purposes only what

this should really be used for is

wearing it's like an accessibility

option with your smartphone it should

help you hear better so if your hearted

hearing this is kind of like similar to

wearing like a hearing aid type device

maybe if you have your phone near your

TV even you can hear it without

disturbing people it probably has a

bunch of legitimate uses that aren't

sketchy like spying on somebody so yeah

enjoy do what you want with it if you

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