Installing a Cheap USB Port - Blueooth Receiver - SDcard Reader into Your Car

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installing one of these bluetooths

modules in a car I already installed one

in my Mazda 3 here we're gonna be

installing this one and my Mazda 5 these

I love the one that I've installed in

here they costs four to five dollars on


and they do so much let's have a look at

the one that I've already installed so

first let me tell you about my previous

setup so both my cars come with an

auxilary plug this one here so

originally I hooked up my phone to this

auxilary plug then I hated having the

wire going to my phone like that so I

bought one of these on eBay or not

unbuttoning Amazon Bay and get the money

back I bought this for 10 bucks

that's a Bluetooth receiver but I plug

into the auxilary there and it syncs

with my phone and then I can play music

through there the problem with this is

that it's it's battery-powered and it

would last about a week before I had a

charger but then I have taken out my car

and go and charge it and it kind of died

like without much warning and if I tried

to plug it into my cigarette outlet the

it would there be interfering so it

sounding off thank you so I was

constantly having to charge this so that

when I saw one of these online I thought

hey for four bucks let's give it a try

if it doesn't work it doesn't work well

I mounted mine in my dash right here and

it's working great so let me give you a

demonstration on how this works sorry

this is a little wobbly the best way for

me get the shot is handheld but for four

or five dollars this device does

multiple things I can sink my phone with

it through bluetooth or pair it through

bluetooth I can use this auxilary plug

to plug in so it gives me an auxilary

plug it has a micro SD card so I can

play music off of that and then I also

have a USB plug which is great if you

play music off USB drives it also has an

FM radio built-in which does really

Maddox I really have an FM 80 radio in

my car but it's nice to have that option

now let me show you it remembers it when

you turn it off the car when you turn it

back on it starts playing at the

beginning of the last song neurons

it goes back to the beginning of the

song but remembers what song you're on

so let me turn the power on here and

you'll see it will start playing my

music so what's great about this is I

have my music on the SD card all time

and then my wife and kids can have their

own flash drives they plug in so I turn

this on and it may say music and it

starts playing my music then I can take

a flash drive if my wife gets in the car

shootas plugs in her flash drive and

that starts play music there if I pull

it out it starts picking up right where

it left off on the other song again I

can fit her song in and it starts

playing I can grab another flash drive

plug it in and this is my daughter's

educational USB Drive so as you can see

it's very simple for us to switch

through we can each have different flash

drives and these are full-size flash

drives that I have right here but we can

use mini flash drives too and it's great

and then I can use these controls here

but the device also comes with a remote

control so you get this device and a

remote control with the battery for four

dollars and change now I do want to note

when you're ordering these they come

from what I've seen in five volt and

twelve volt models and of course for a

cart you want 12 volts because that's

what your car is running off of

otherwise you're gonna have to get a

converter now I don't know possibly they

could be the same devices and maybe they

work in a range from both when I ordered

this one I made sure it said it was 12

volts and this one the front looks

exactly like the one I already have but

the board is slightly different in fact

it has an extra option where mine has a

the output it also has a plug for an

extra input on the back too which is

pretty neat but nowhere on it does it

say whether it's a 12 volt or a 5 volt

so before I even start working on the

car I'm gonna hook it up here on my desk

to 12 volts and make sure it works but

when you're alright make sure you order

the proper version for you if you're

working in a car you're going to want to

get the 12 volts you could also have

seen people put these and just use them

as a little base units build a wood box

with a speaker in in which case you

probably only want the 5 volts because

then you can power it

and Arduino or something you know if you

want to have some other type of controls

with it so let's go ahead I'm gonna go

ahead and get this hooked up also the

remote is slightly different it has a

few different buttons but it's basically

the same options and this one came with

some thicker wires let me show you this

here because the ones on the original


they were like hair thin and signed very

hard to work with these ones are a

little thicker and unlike that one where

I was trying to pick everything up in

the car I'm gonna put some extenders on

this right here on the desk side of them

and and crimp them down before I start

even working in the car because that was

the hardest part was just trying to get

these little wires all connected in the

car so you can see that these are pretty

small wires to begin with the other ones

were like a quarter this size I mean

literally they were like little hairs

and very hard to work with very hard to

strip when I needed to strip them so

again first thing I'm gonna do is test

the unit and then I am going to put on

extension wires to this okay I have it

hooked up to 12 volts here I'm gonna

plug the power in and let's see if we

get the screen came right on and went

through the auxiliary input next thing I

do is hook up either some headphones or

some speakers whatever I find around

here in my garage and make sure I get

some audio coming out of that okay so

let me explain this so I've got a

speaker here I cut the wire and spliced

it there's whenever you have a speaker

or headphones you're always going to

have two wires to each speaker one's

gonna be ground one's gonna be your your

positive for the the audio and on our

input on the plug or the output so we

have an input on this one and an output

my other one only has the output you

have two colored wires one is your left

speaker one is your right speaker and a

ground so I use alligator clips to hook

up to this speaker here and now in the

car we're going to be using the stereo

that's early in the car and we're using

its amplifier so we're gonna see if this

works and we hopefully will get all the

others it may not be very loud but let's

go ahead and hook the power up so I just

need to connect the ground here there we

go it came on and it starts playing

there we go it says USB and it says it's

playing an mp3

and I don't know if you'll hear that

I don't know exactly where the speaker

may be that's never microphone there

so hopefully you could hear that it is

playing audio so we are good this unit

is working on 12 volts and we're getting

output just to be sure I could always

check the other speaker just by the

other outputs so like the left outputs

working out checking the right reconnect

this and I'll listen to this yeah and

it's playing so we know the device works

so now I'm just gonna start connecting

extension wires on to this so before I

start putting on those extension wires

let me explain a little bit more about

how we're gonna hook this up in the car

now let me also say I know very little

about stereo systems and car wiring and

stuff so it took me a couple of days on

the first car so figure out how to do

this and it's actually really simple

at least with my setup and one of the

things about the reviews when you look

at the reviews on this little device and

you get this device off of Amazon as

well but it's quite a bit more expensive

and but if you read the reviews there

most of the reviews say either it's

great or I have no clue how to hook this

thing up because there's no directions

because it doesn't come with any

paperwork it just comes with the remote

and the device with a few little wires

so the way that I ended up hooking up as

I said earlier both my cars have

auxilary plugs well both auxilary plugs

go to the back of the radio with a plug

like this so what I did was I went on

eBay and for two dollars I bought a new

auxiliary cable so it has the right plug

and you can get them with either male or

female it doesn't really matter because

we're gonna cut this off so what's gonna

happen is this gonna plug in the back of

the radio and this will plug in to our

device the output audio so it will go

into our radio and we'll use the

amplifier and then all I have to do is

to select auxilary on my radio to choose

this device now I wanna point out again

I know very little about carios a little

bit I know it was if you watch my videos

from five six years ago when I first

started doing deals I had a computer in

my car for a while with a little

touchscreen that came out and stuff and

I had a friend help me hook that all up

and at that point we had to buy an

amplifier because if we hook the

computer directly into the speaker lines

it was like this speaker here we were

just testing it was very very low you

needed that amplifier to amplify the


well since I'm going in the auxilary

port on the back of my radio I don't

have to worry about that because the

radio already has a built-in amplifier

now another thing I want to say is if we

look at this wire let me show you this

wire so looking at this wire you can see

there there are five wires in there you

got a white one a yellow one two blacks

and a red now when I originally was

going to hook this up I thought okay we

got left channel right channel or ground

for both of those and then we have

positive and ground that I can pull from

the radio well when we actually cut this

wire open you'll see that there's only

three wires inside I really don't know

where the other wire is going I don't

know if it's looping back to signal that

there is an auxilary plug or something

but there's only three wires in here

left and right speakers and a ground so

we have to pull our power from someplace

else now from working on this project

and reading up online I found there's

lots of places with this hundreds of

wires in your car that you can pull 12

volts from you just clip into them

what's one thing you want to make sure

is one that you're choosing one that

turns off when the car turns off because

you don't want this running and draining

your battery when your car is off now

one way to do that is in your steering

column by your ignition switch that will

be a wire that turns on when the car

turns on so your starter wire there in

my car I found that the cigarette outlet

the 12-volt outlet in the car in my

particular car here turns off when I

turn off the car I used to have a Ford

and it stayed on even when the car was

off but since mine turns off I'm able to

connect to that and that's right below

the radio so that's easier for me to get

to so again wrong I do now is going to

cut this wire and hook it up to the left

and right channel and the ground for the

speakers and then I have other wires I'm

going to strip and extend for the power

that I will then use what's called what

are called Scotch locks to clip into the

power from the cigarette outlet and

Scotch locks as you'll see me use them

aren't great I don't have to strip any

wires I used to just shove the wires in

there and clamp it down and it clamps

into the wire as you'll see and they are

great because not only have I had done

this project recently I recently put a

backup camera

my car which I may do a video on when I

do it for my second car and they they

make things a lot easier instead of

trying to cut and splice wires in your

car you don't plant into them so let's

go ahead and put on these extensions

so again what I just did there was I

soldered all the connections and then I

wrapped them in electrical tape you

could probably use crimps but with these

small wires I don't trust them I don't

want them coming loose you don't want to

use wire nuts in a car because the car

vibrates and they can come loose if for

some reason you do make sure you two

have a lot electrical tape on there

because you don't want anything shorting

out so the next part is taking apart the

- in my car to get the radio out which

I've done a lot in my Mazda 3 I've done

it once or twice in the Mazda five but

it's been a while so let's see if I can

figure it out without looking up

directions online am I in focus no no I

am high okay so here we go

you know a lot of pulling apart cars

apart is just popping stuff apart my

Mazda 3 I start with a trim I pull a

piece of trim off from over the glovebox

to here when I pull it off I remove two

screws and that moves out and then I

move two more screws and that's it and

it comes apart that's one I think I

start down here and I'm not gonna go

into detail because it's gonna be

different for each car so just look up

your model a car how to remove the radio

but here I go I got a screwdriver and

socket wrench because I'll probably need

those at some point and my multimeter

because I just want to double-check that

this 12 volt outlet here actually turns

off when the car turns off I'm pretty

sure I've tested it before but before we

make things permit let's do that so

let's go ahead and start working on

set this to 20 DC here here I'm getting

no voltage there and let's turn the key

then we got 12 volts so turn off and it

goes off again

so we're good there

so I happen to remove a few bolts and

three screws all right one of these I

suggest getting when you get them on

Amazon little magnetic thing for your

belt it's called a mag sheet and it's

great for when you're working like this

you just drop the screws and stuff right

there and you don't have to worry about

where they are LAN time to put the

screws back although if you like me

you're like over half the screws back so

next time you do this you don't have to

take them all out again there we go

the fun


yet we've got all these tables chamber

that you're auxilary plug over here and

that's one that we are able to connector

for my about the connector for so to go

ahead and get all our stuff and test it

before we start melting stuff actually

over here two more screws this popped

out a little screen here I got two wires

down plot and then I have all this empty

space and that's where they're putting

my screen so I'm gonna go drill this

hole now and this is something I don't

want to mess up because if I do I'm

going to have a hole in my car an ugly

hole my - forever

so these here are called Scotch locks

the way these work is I slide in my new

wiring here and then I feed the existing

wire through here and I clamp it down

with a pair of pliers and I have two of

these really the red is probably the

best size for what I'm doing here but I

only have one of those left so I'm gonna

have to use a blue one here it should

still work I'm gonna use that for the

ground but yeah I'm gonna clamp these

into the power down by my 12-volt outlet

in my car and so let's go do that okay

so here is my outlet I got a black wire

which my ground in this case my my

positive is a blue wire wire Iran is

green for my positive and white for my

ground and that's just the wires I

picked to hook up to the Bluetooth

device I was actually thinking I am

gonna put it in here but really grounds

you can ground anywhere so I could have

grounded up some bolt up top I could it

should have could have only run one wire

if I wanted to so the way this works is

you know again there's two slots but on

one side only one on the other I slide

my new wire in here I don't need to

strip or anything and I just inline the

old wire like so and what happens now is

now I'm going to grab some pliers and

I'm going to squeeze down on that and it

will crimp into that too both wires and

connect them I don't have to strip

anything it makes nice and simple so

where are my pliers right here just make

sure they're in there all the way in

back out while I was moving around and

go ahead and crimp that down really nice

and tight

and we should have a good connection now

and there I did the ground so I get a

little just a little tug just to make

sure they all clamped in and we should

be good to go we should have power at

the other end the wire and now we just

plug our device into the power and we

plug it into our radio and we should be

able to turn it on and get some sound

okay I got the power plugged in let me

plug the auxiliary plug well unplug the

old auxiliary plug and then I turn on

the car and see if we got some sound and

again as I said towards speaking of the

video I'm kind of going over this but

I'm not saying I know what I'm doing so

do this at your own risk you know ask

someone you know who knows about car

stereos but I wanted to give you my like

a silhouette can you see me okay I'm

gone by based on what I know and what

works with what I know and now for the

moment of truth I should probably get

something that has some music on it I'll

be right back now the moment of truth I

got this USB Drive

it's got my daughters it's just gonna be

a ladies skip counting she's gonna be

counting by twos I'm gonna put that in

and turn on the power well it's working

huh I'm all despite the other one how's

the lady's voice that goes music when

you turn it on and when you turn to

Bluetooth she goes open over to but like

I said it's a slightly different board

but it's working so that is it now I

just need to put everything back

together okay so I thought everything

was working then I realized this music

was only playing out of the right

speaker and I realize I made a mistake

when I soldered the wires together the

plug the auxilary plugged I bought for

my car it may be different for yours the

red plug is not the right speaker that's

the ground the white wire is the right

speaker and there are no yeah the yellow

is the the right speaker the white seems

to be the left and also right now it's

working I have lowered down but um I

don't have the ground connected I'm

still going to connect it because it's

there but it seems to be working without

the ground but on

assuming it's there for a reason so

earlier I need to go back inside and

resolder these to the proper wires but I

just had the the colors mixed up because

they're the I for some reason I just

thought white was going to be ground but

no the the red is ground I should known

that since the other end of the plug the

the red is wrapped around the black wire

so now everything's working I'm gonna go

solder these wires again and then put

everything back together so I got most

my - back together few things I want to

comment on so I soldered my wires

together and then I wrapped them in a

little bit of electrical tape if you

have heat shrink tubing that probably

would be a better option also I

mentioned in this particular car when I

was taking this apart there was a plug

here and unplug to get the the dash out

I wasn't sure it was I'm pretty sure

that goes to the rear controls for the

rear air conditioning but so far so good

just again you want to check and make

sure everything works before you put

everything back together I still have

this running so yeah and in my other car

I and in this car I think that the audio

sounds better than that little Bluetooth

device that I had I guess maybe it's

just getting better power rather than

using a small battery snap and stuff

again when it comes to a car my view is

you know pull on it until it pops off

pull real hard it's not coming off look

for a screw or a bolt if that doesn't

you can't find one pull harder okay as I

was saying before the battery died on my


although audio is working things that

I'd like to add to this project is I

have a few of these I bought a bunch of

cheap USB wall outlets from China that

ended up being defective I got my money


and so what I think I'm gonna do is I'm

going to pop these things apart one or

two of them and pull out the USB port

and somehow mount those so were in the

dash of my computer now hook to anything

but just to have a place to store our

extra USB Drive so again I have one you

know the main music on the SD card but

then have other USB drives that are

plugged into the dash you pull out and

plug in when you

so that's something I might play around

with again heat shrink tubing it's

probably a good idea but the electrical

tape is just so that they don't touch

the soldering holds them together and

yeah and again you know this is like an

overview of how I did it so talk to

someone who knows about car stereos

before doing something like this they

might have better ways or know things

that you should do that I I didn't or

things that you shouldn't do that I did

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