Checking voicemail and call history and recordings in buzzbox

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okay in this tutorial we're going to

show you how to access your voicemail

and the call monitoring and history

display panel of buzz box so you can

basically log in through your web

browser and access your voicemail call

recordings and see who exactly it was

that run you and who you rang so going

to your web browser and in the address

bar type in the address of your buzz box

machine that will be provided to you by

your system administrator my spoiler

Lisa asked him for that

okay so we've gone to the dashboard now

and you can see we presented with a few

icons here the one that we were

interested in is the second one which is

the access your telephone extension

voicemail so I click on that then we're

asked to login so the login name is the

extension number of your telephone

that's probably written in the top

left-hand corner of your telephone

screen and then the password is whatever

your voicemail password is so in my case

it's just one two three then we're going

to click on submit okay so we're logged

in the first thing that we're presented

with here is the voicemail list of all

the voicemails that we've had come in

through the system so we can see the

caller ID here caller ID here was the

number of the person that just rang to

leave a voicemail the duration clearly

is the duration of the message and we

can play back the message by clicking on

the play button or we can download the

message by clicking on that icon and

that will download as a WAV file that

you can play on your PC or Mac and you

can email that to whoever you wish and

likewise you can delete the message when

you're done so you click on the check

box here click the Delete icon and if

you would rather move it to a folder and

keep hold of it you can put it in a

folder here create your own thing but in

the Friends folder for example move it

to that folder the other option here on

the left hand side is called monitor

this is really useful you can actually

see who it was that's been calling you

and basically the duration of the phone

call and likewise you can see who you've

been calling so on and so forth

if you've recorded a phone conversation

you can click on the speaker icon again

to play the message to play the

recording or you can click on the

download icon again that will download

as a WAV file so you can see

here sorry you can basically hear what

people have been saying and you can

email that to your colleagues


okay feature codes it's the next option

on the list this is just a list of codes

that you can use on your telephone that

access certain functions a useful one

here for example is star 32 so you dial

star 32 on your phone to blacklist the

last caller so the person that just

called you ie a sales guy or a nuisance

caller you can dial star 32 and that

will block them from calling you again

and just if we scroll down some of these

may or may not apply to you but at the

bottom here we have star 97 that's the

most common one which is accessing your

voicemail so you can dial back to access

your voicemail and basically since your

voice back through your telephone

handset rather than through here okay

we've got the Follow Me option this

isn't currently enabled for my mailbox

but basically if that is enabled you can

do that for hop calling and hot-desking

so you can basically move around the

office and type in an extension number

that the phone will be diverted to or a

mobile number if you're out of the

office phone features the section here

that were most interested in is called

forwarding unconditional will basically

send every single phone call to the

number that you type in here this can be

another extension or say for example a

mobile number and every phone call will

be sent to that number likewise if

you're unavailable use that option or if

you're busy on the phone you can type in

a number there and all the calls will be

diverted to your mobile number when

you're busy

ok then finally we've got settings that

is basically settings for the phone

things like your voicemail password so

you can change that here and just type

in numbers there no no letters or

anything like that

notification setting this is quite

useful if you want your voicemail

message to be emailed to you so you're

just typing your email address there

click on enable and you'll be emailed

with every voicemail message that comes

into your system so if you're on the

move that's quite useful and the

voicemail is attached as a WAV file so

you can listen to it from your from your

smart phone or from your PC or Mac not

just about covers it so if I click on


I will log us out close that tab down my

back to the main menu so for a better

hands-on view of your voicemail messages

in your call history then go ahead and

use the buzz box dashboard for your

telephone voicemail