Spotify - Show Unavailable Songs In Playlists

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here is how to see unavailable songs in

a playlist on Spotify and how this can

be useful so in other videos I may have

mentioned when you get the Spotify URI

or the Spotify URL from a distributor or

your record label you can see that song

in Spotify sometimes up to 24 hours

before it's released depending on where

you are in the world so what I want to

show you now is what it looks like when

a song is not yet available so if we go

here you can see I'm going to Gary these

Monday to Monday playlist and up the

very top we can see a song here that is

currently grayed out now what this can

actually mean is that that song is not

yet available in your country or maybe

it's never going to be available in a

specific territory so what you can do

with this is if you have a song that is

coming out let's say it's Thursday right

now and the song is coming out tomorrow

on Friday what you can do is you can

actually enter the URL or the URI for

that song into Spotify as search like so

press enter and you will see the song is

here but it is grayed out this will

still allow you to left-click on the

song and drag it in to a playlist which

allows you to pre place that song so

what that looks like is if this song

were to go live tomorrow it would become

available instantly the second that song

is available on Spotify so most of the

time songs go live on Spotify at

midnight this would mean that at

midnight if you come to this playlist

that song would become white and it

would now be available to stream now

this is useful for sending a song to a

playlist curator before the song is live

so that way they can

drag it in and place it exactly where

they would like in the playlist knowing

that the second it goes live people will

see it in the playlist and they will

hear it the other reason for that is it

allows you to check your release to make

sure that all the links to the artists

are correct as well and it also allows

you to have a look at new music Friday

in other countries and see what songs

are in there before you can even hear

them yourself obviously that's the

equivalent of having a friend in another

country and asking them to show you but

it just allows you to see for yourself

now to actually see these unavailable

songs go to settings and then scroll

down and then under display options you

will see show unavailable songs in

playlists and you will turn that on that

is how you will see those songs before

they're actually released or if they are

unavailable in your country so what I've

seen sometimes with playlists is you

will go to them and you will see a

series of songs grayed out like this one

here and that will allow you to work out

perhaps it's different record labels

have licensed them for different

countries or just that song is not

available in your country for some

reason so let me know if you find this

useful I'd love to hear your feedback

leave a comment share this tell a friend

and let's help each other out thank you