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Hey guys it's Noel here and welcome along to today's video I've got a fantastic video

for you today for you talking about air traffic control

So guys you remember that a few weeks ago I did a little video about LiveATC, and LiveATC

is a fantastic website for listening to air traffic control from all around the world.

Unfortunately LiveATC does have its restrictions and one of those is that you can't actually

listen to air traffic control from the UK, or from various other countries around the

world where LiveATC is not available.

Fortunately though that's not the end of the world there are some fantastic websites that

allow you to listen to air traffic control from those countries you can listen to them

online and with a little bit of trickery you can record them and use them in your videos

as well.

The site I'm going to show you today is called Global Tuners and it is a fantastic aviation

or radio website for radio enthusiasts all around the world, and it differs from LiveATC

in that it gives you a lot more control over what it is you're listening to.

If you're listening to a receiver and you want to change the frequency, within reason

you can go ahead and do that and I'm going to show you today all about GlobalTuners and

how I use it to get the air traffic control for my videos.

So guys here is the website this is I will put a link to this in the description

of the video so you'll be able to see it and hopefully go straight through to it.

You have to sign up for an account with GlobalTuners and log into your account, it's quite straightforward,

it's free of charge, all you have to do is register and then you have to wait for your

account to be activated, once that's been done you can log in and access all of the

radio receivers that are on the website.

Once you log in you actually get to this screen here which is a list of all of the receivers

that are currently online, these do go up and down a little bit there are a few that

are always on I notice and there are some that seem to come and go, bearing in mind

that these are most of the time hosted by people, individuals in houses around the country

that sometimes have computer issues, their computers die and things, very much like LiveATC

in that respect, but you do find that they tend to come and go sometimes.

Now my personal favorite receiver that is on here, if we look down to the UK here you

can see there are receivers across the UK, Bedford, Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Manchester,

Nottinghamshire, Northern Ireland, Norwich, loads of receivers that you can access them

and tune into different airports all around the UK.

Once you've actually been on GlobalTuners for a while you'll probably start to learn

what they mean, clearly London West, even though it picks up Heathrow Airport, it's

not listed as Heathrow on here, same for Glasgow as well although there's a little bit of a

hint where it says Glasgow and Scottish Control on there too, so if we go ahead and tune in

first of all into London West which is the receiver that generally picks up Heathrow

Airport, Heathrow Approach, London Control in that sort of area as well then you see

we get to this screen here and we can just hit Open This Receiver and hit the I Understand

button and I'll talk to you about that in just a moment, but here we go we are not listening

to Heathrow Airport approach in London.

Now one of the things to mention to you regarding this is that it is very much a community based

website and if you look over here on the right hand side of the screen you can see all of

these people here are other users that are currently listening to this receiver and you

have to be very careful with it because if you just go in and start retuning the radio

people aren't going to be very happy with you and it's actually against the rules of

GlobalTuners to just go in and start randomly retuning so it is something you need to take

great care with and people do tend to get annoyed if you just go in and start changing

it as I've found out in the past, so all you have to do is just drop a quick message here

in the chat box to the people that are on the stream and say 'can I have control of

the receiver' and 9 times out of 10 people will say yes that's fine and allow you to

go ahead and tune and if you want to retune you can just hit the frequency in the box

here so 118.5 for example which is Heathrow Tower, hit enter and you'll be able to listen

to this.

I'm not going to change that now as these people are clearly listening to Heathrow Approach

for something and I'm not going to start changing that so that's basically how that works.

You can control all other aspects of the receiver here as well, the squelch for example, all

the other options you'd have on a standard airband receiver.

So there's an Aer Lingus flight on approach in to Heathrow at the moment, talking to Heathrow


So there we go and that's a little transmission you will hear that all day long if you listen

to GlobalTuners long enough just an aircraft checking in with approach in London if you

know ATC you've probably heard it before but it's always interesting to listen online from

a different part of the world as well.

And if we go back here as well you can see there are numerous other receivers if we go

to Glasgow for example we can listen to Glasgow Airport and we're listening to Glasgow Approach

there's probably not much happening on a Sunday afternoon up in Glasgow, if you're listening

to Heathrow as well it's worth pointing out there's two receivers that pick up Heathrow,

there's London West and West London.

They are obviously the same place, the same guy hosts both of them, London West is tuneable

you can change the frequency to London Control, Approach, any one of Heathrow’s 4 approach

frequencies, and if you go West London you'll find it's tuned to Heathrow Director which

is the frequency that the aircraft get vectors for the ILS approach on this frequency and

this is running all of the time tuned to 120.4 which is Heathrow Director.

You can listen to all of those on here I have been quite addicted to this and there are

times where I'll just sit and listen to Heathrow Approach for hours, because it's just so interesting

to listen to in the background, it's a great website and it allows you to listen to all

of these receivers from around the world, I will go through the UK receivers, Bedford

is usually tuned to London Control, Glasgow and Scottish Control self-evident as is London

West, Newcastle upon Tyne that picks up Newcastle Approach, North Manchester picks up Manchester

and Leeds, North Nottinghamshire gets the overhead traffic, the London Control and Scottish

Control which fly overhead North Nottinghamshire, Northern Ireland picks up things like Belfast

Airport as well, Norwich is another London Control one as well, you can listen to all

of these through GlobalTuners it's such a great website for listening to all these different


An area that GlobalTuners doesn't do so well as LiveATC it's slightly different LiveATC

gives you the ability to download and listen to the audio archives for up to 30 days which

is fantastic if I take a flight through a LiveATC airport I can go in up to a month

later, download the MP3 file of the air traffic control from a date and time and then just

overlay it onto my video.

Unfortunately, GlobalTuners doesn't have this ability but there are a couple of workarounds

if you want to listen to air traffic control and overlay it onto the video.

So first of all I'll point out, let's pick Glasgow Control, you open this receiver and

say I understand, and there is actually an audio recorder button here if you hit that

then you can start an audio recording we'll hit that button there, and it will start recording

and it tells you the file size and lets you go in any time after that and download it.

It's fantastic, but there is a slight problem.

In my experience this will only record for around 10 minutes of duration which is fine

if you just want to listen quickly, if you don't, if you want a whole day of air traffic

control taking a flight or something this is not...

So there you go there is an example that's a

loganair flight calling up to Glasgow Radar we can go in here to the file we've just recorded,

hit play

and it lets you download the recording and everything

there if you want to do that.

And if you wanted to tune to 118.8 on tower you can just ask for permission to tune then

enter the frequency here to put in the frequency and then pick up that aircraft on the tower

frequency as well it's fantastic you can do all that on here too.

Now if you want to record just one little piece like that then that's fine using the

inbuilt recording method there unfortunately it only seems to work for up to 10 minutes

but there are other options available.

now one of them is an app I'll show you now.

I use it all the time, it's called SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder and what this will

do is allow you to basically record any audio feed that's coming into your computer so if

we open the Glasgow Radar again and start listening to that I can hit the start recording

button and as soon as somebody starts talking on here you'll see the bar go up and down

and it will start recording it to a file, I'm saving it to a hard drive I have here

and you can then go ahead and download that once you've finished with it.

What I generally do with this is open this, you can see it's doing that there on the audio


So what I would do generally if I want to record that while I'm away flying is that

I'll remote desktop or TeamViewer into this PC from wherever I am on my phone, load up

Glasgow Control for example, load up SoundTap, hit record and it will start recording the

entire flight ahead of me taking the flight which is a great way of doing it.

It's a little bit clunky, it's not as easy as going and getting a nice half hour chunk

and you end up with hours of audio recording that you probably don't really need but it's

certainly a great way of getting it should you need that.

If you remember my flight on Loganair on the Twin Otter to Barra from Glasgow where we

ended up getting diverted back to Glasgow, we were with Glasgow Approach for most of

that flight and I was able to just log in here and just record all of the air traffic

control from my PC using my phone by remote controlling my PC to record that.

There's probably other ways of recording that as well but I find this the easiest and most

reliable way of doing it to get a nice big file as well.

So guys I hope you've found this video useful and I hope it's given you a great introduction

to GlobalTuners and how you can listen to is and how you can use this website to listen

to air traffic control from all around the world, you don't need to be an aviation geek

to like it, there are HAM Radio enthusiasts that use this site with all the different

receivers you can listen to all sorts of other traffic from around the world, I only use

it for the airband stuff because it's just so convenient to listen to British air traffic

control over the internet, you can listen to anything you want really from any of these

receivers you can even just pick up FM radio if that's what you want to do a lot of people

do that for some reason, but it is a great website really for listening to air traffic

control and like I said if you can fire up FlightRadar24 for example and watch the planes

coming in as you're listening to the air traffic control online it's really addictive, plane

spotting effectively while you are in the house.

So guys I hope this video has been useful for you I hope you've enjoyed seeing GlobalTuners

I look forward to seeing you all on there in the chat when you all sign up for GlobalTuners

hopefully and start using the receivers on there, if you've got any questions at all

about GlobalTuners please drop me a comment in the comments section below I will do my

best to reply to every single one of them as much as I can, if you want to check out

GlobalTuners the link is in the description it's just, also I'll stick

a link in there to the SoundTap Media Recorder so that you can record the audio feeds that

you're listening to.

So guys thank you once again for watching today's video I really do hope that you've

found this useful, if you would do me a favor and click on that subscribe button so that

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Thank you once again guys and I will speak to you soon!