How to Join a ZOOM meeting as a Participant

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you could join a zoom meeting in the app

from your desktop Android iOS mobile or

tablets dial-in phones or 8.32 3si

theorem system in this video we will

cover how to join a zoom meeting one

from a desktop first time after

receiving an invitation to from a device

for the first time 3 from the desktop

app already installed 4 from the device

already installed if you don't have the

zoom app installed yet you can download

it from WWF allistic coms zoom us

forward slash download to join a meeting

you will need first to receive an

invitation to join to join on your pc

and mac for the first time click on the

recommended link you will be taken to a

holistic communication zoom site where

zoom app will download automatically

install the zoom app once you're done

installing go back to your browser and

click launch application and popup

window here zoom app will launch and you

will be able to join the meeting

instantly you can also join by phone by

dialing on the numbers provided

depending on your location the same

applies to 8.32 3si pyramid system this

is useful in occasions where you do not

have a microphone or speaker on your PC

or Mac you do not have a smartphone iOS

or Android while on the road or you

could not connect to a network for video

and VoIP computer audio once you are in

the meeting select the audio option in

the menu bar your audio can come through

via the computer audio from your

device's mic and speaker a dialing

telephone or dial out to a telephone

click on test mic and speaker to test

your audio select the microphone drop

down and try a different audio source if

the other side can't hear you select the

speaker drop down and try a different

speaker source if you can't hear the

other side we recommend keeping the

automatically adjust microphone settings


if you are joining meeting on iOS or

Android apps for the first time click on

the link to go to Google Play or Apple

Store and download the zoom app once you

are done installing go back to your

email and click on the link there to

join this is the easiest entry

alternatively you can click on join

meeting and enter the meeting ID here

and username to join if you have zoom

app already installed in your PC or Mac

click on the link and it will take you

to the holistic on site here you can

copy the URL link and paste it into your

browser's address bar as well click

launch application to join meeting

directly here you can choose to join

with audio and test mic and speaker you

could also join the meeting directly by

opening the zoom ad in the home window

select join enter your name and meeting

ID on the pop-up window that comes up

and click join to join meeting on a

device click on the link and it will

take you to the App Store either Play

Store for Google Android or Apple App

Store for iOS devices launch the app and

you will join meeting instantly

alternatively you can open the app and

click join meeting then enter your name

and the nine digit number on the new

window thank you for watching