Open Zip Files on an iPhone

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how to open zip files on an iPhone this

wikiHow teaches you how to view the

contents of a zip file on an iphone or

ipad using the files app as well as how

to extract those contents using izip

viewing the contents of the zip

open the files app on your iPhone or


it's the blue folder icon typically

found on the home screen use this method

if you want to see what's in a zip file

but don't need to extract or edit the


go to the folder that contains the zip

file the file you're looking for should

end with asterisk dot zip

tap the zip file this displays the size

of the archive as well as the number of

files contained within

Tapp preview content it's at the bottom

of the screen

this opens a preview of the first file

in the archive

swipe through the preview images these

images are snapshots of the files within

the zip