Sirius and XM satellite radio on your iPhone

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hi i'm jay goldman you are watching mr.

mobile on butterscotch calm today we are

going to take a look at the Sirius and

XM satellite radio apps for iPhone so if

you're an Android a blackberry user I'm

afraid that this episode just isn't for

you however iPhone users this is

actually really cool now bear with me

for a second because is going to get

kind of confusing if you're in the

States it's one application you can get

it from the App Store

that's because Sirius and XM merged a

little while ago and so now there's only

one application and it's a Sirius XM

satellite radio application you can find

it in the App Store you're good to go if

you're in Canada they weren't allowed to

merge for a whole bunch of legal reasons

and so there are actually two separate

applications you're gonna have to pick

which one you have you want to download

depending on which subscription you

already have or if you're a new user you

can just pick which one you want to use

there are however some caveats so the

applications are exactly the same and

it's the same application you would get

in the u.s. functionally speaking and

we're gonna go through the application

in a second give you a sort of an idea

of what you can do from it there are

some programming differences in Canada

you need to be aware of so if you're

safer interest looking for Oprah or Opie

and Anthony make sure you take a look

through the two different catalogs of

programming and so that you know which

one you should actually download and

also there's an accessory which we're

gonna get to in a moment which only

works on the XM side so that may be a

reason for you to pick one or the other

there are some exclusions for

programming on the iPhone side whether

you're in Canada or in the US and these

are probably pretty big deals so for

example on the serious side there is no

Howard Stern on the iPhone and a lot of

serious listeners were actually bought

that device to get Stern so no Stern on

the iPhone make sure you're aware of

that on the XM side if you're in Canada

there is no sports play-by-play

available on the device and so if you're

a big sports fan and you're looking for

play-by-play games to listen to on your

phone probably not the app for you the

apps are free you can get them in the

iPhone App Store and there's a limited

trial available on both of them so once

you download it and start listening you

can just listen for a little while

without paying for anything

once that trials up you will need to

purchase a subscription you can do that

from the phone directly or if you have

an existing XM or serious or Sirius XM

subscription you can just add this


if you just want to stream on to your

device you can pay $7.99 a month that

covers your subscription if you want to

use other Satellite Radio's that you

already have and you want to scream on

your phone it's an extra $2.99 and you

can just add that to your existing note

that with both of those options that

gives you streaming on the phone and on

a computer as well so it's not just the

iPhone that you're adding it's streaming

in general this is great if you have a

car that doesn't have a satellite radio

built-in and you don't want to lug

around the separate receiver and have to

plug it in and all that kind of stuff

you can just use your iPhone however

you're currently connecting your iPhone

to your car stereo to stream music to it

you can do that and now you've got your

satellite radio directly now this is

sort of satellite radio it's worth

noting you are actually using your data

plan on your phone to listen to the

music is streaming to the phone over the

data connection and so if you're on a an

account with your iPhone that has a

limited amount of data or you're on an

iPod Touch this won't actually work for

you in the car part if that's the case

you may want to look at an accessory

which you can get for about a hundred

and twenty dollars called the sky dog

which converts your iPhone into a

satellite receiver the sky dog plugs

into the cigarette lighter port in your

car it's got an articulated arm on it

and the iPhone pops into the top part of

that and once you've done that the

iPhone becomes an interface to your

regular satellite radio and all the

receiver hardware is actually built into

the sky dock so you're no longer using

the data connection now you are getting

regular streaming satellite radio and

that means you have access to all of the

programming so now your Howard Stern and

your sports and everything is available

but you're using this as the interface

and the nice thing there is it will

charge your iPhone for you while it's in

the cradle and it's also a hands-free

holder basically or cradle for the phone

so if you're listening to your radio and

you get a call come in the music will

fade out you can take your call you've

got a microphone in the speaker's

obviously from your stereo and when the

call is done music will fade back up and

you're good to go one caveat on that as

I mentioned earlier this sky dock will

only work with XM the XM app in Canada

in the States you have no problem so if

you're a Canadian and you want to use

this guy dock you probably want to go XM

rather than Sirius the application works

pretty much the same way as regular

satellite radio does so you've got a

category index at the top level you can

pick any one of those categories to jump

into the channels

within it nice thing here is it actually

lists the song that's playing right now

when you're going through the channel

guide you can tap directly on a channel

to start playing that channel it's got

some favorites you can add your favorite

channels to that very symbol to add a

favorite you just tap on the on the icon

of the channel at the top tap on the add

to favorites and it'll appear in your

list the other nice thing about the

integration here is that you can

actually add songs to a shopping list as

they're playing and then you can buy

those directly from iTunes so when

there's a song playing you just tap on

that icon at the top again you'll see

there's an add to iTunes button you just

click on the or tap on the buy from

itunes you've got the option now at the

bottom here to buy now or add to your

shopping cart and if you add to your

shopping cart they'll just appear in an

ongoing shopping cart and then whenever

you want to buy them you can tap on the

buy now one little note there not every

song is available in the iTunes Store so

although they all have the buy from

iTunes on them not all of them will

actually work and sometimes you get an

alert that pops up that says couldn't

find this in the iTunes store but

otherwise really handy way to sort of

bookmark music as it's playing while

you're driving along or walking down the

street or whatever and then come back

later on and be able to buy it so you

can get the sky dock at any consumer

electronics retailer Best Buy that kind

of thing anywhere that you would

probably buy an XM or Sirius satellite

radio the apps are available in the App

Store you can listen for free or add

them to your subscription if you've got

one already great way to get some extra

music on your phone or in your car I'm

Jay Goldman this has been mr. mobile and

butterscotch comm thanks for watching

and we'll catch you next time