SIRIUS XM streaming satellite radio review

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being cooped up indoors and away from

people definitely has me looking for

more ways to connect and find

entertainment that's why I decided to

try out a Sirius XM satellite radio

subscription I'm Erin from tech gadgets

Canada comm and since I wasn't in the

car I enabled the Sirius XM mobile app

so I could listen at home or when I was

out on my daily walks here's what I

learned after spending several weeks

with this service and an early heads-up

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that I hope everyone out there can watch

enjoy and learn from getting the service

set up and running is easy enough you

can call the Sirius customer service

center by phone to get yourself

connected or you can go to their website

now the setup for enabling your car

audio is a bit different so I'm going to

skip that for now but you basically need

your radio number from inside your car

download the Sirius XM app and enter

your login and password the app is

really user friendly and easy to

navigate I opted for the streaming only

package called premiere which gives you

300 plus channels for music to talk

sports and Howard Stern to find some

radio channels you might like start with

the discover tab along the bottom left

there you can see what's available in

music sports news or talk by following

the tabs along the top five and adds it

as his quote got a few stations you're

gonna be putting on repeat tap on the

station and then hit the star icon in

the top right to mark it as a favorite

when you go to your favorites tab at the

bottom of the page they're all there

just like programming the presets on the

car radio only way easier when it comes

to what I was listening to I sampled a

lot of different content I'm loving

doctor laura is no-nonsense advice on

triumph radio LL Cool J's Rock the Bells

has great vintage hip hop plus there's

also Eminem's shade 45 Symphony Hall and

chill or two stations that I used for

chill-out music or background music to

work - there's dedicated music stations

in pretty much every genre you can think

of and a whole bunch of stations curated

by amazing musicians there's also a

boatload of news and talk stations from

CNN and headline news to Canada's CBC

Radio One and

now the news is first you know so I'm

with you man well you can easily listen

to your Sirius XM app online on your

phone or your tablet you can also stream

to other devices like a Google home or

Amazon Alexa doing it is as simple as

playing the show on your device and then

touching the devices available option

about halfway up the screen choose your

nearby device from the list to connect

in a second then you can use voice

control on your smart digital assistant

to play pause and adjust volume is your

favorite show elbow to begin

enable the reminder function in the app

and get a message just before the show

starts make sure the reminders are

turned on in settings and then click the

set reminder button on the show that you

like does your car radio do that for you

I don't think so let's talk about some

of the overall benefits of satellite

radio I am very quickly learning that

having Sirius XM via the app has a lot

of pluses not only do you get access to

a bunch of content but you're in control

of how you access that content too you

can listen live or restart a show from

the beginning

you can also skim through it using the

scrubber bar to skip the boring bits you

can also go back and listen to some of

the last few days of some shows using

the app - and that's magic now how is

the streaming quality when you're using

the app the stream quality I guess is

less about what Sirius XM is sending out

and more about how strong your cell or

Wi-Fi signal is with good Wi-Fi or

cellular you should be just fine G which

provides an antioxidant 6000 times

stronger than vitamin C see how this has

to be my biggest beef with this service

commercials I'm old enough to remember

when satellite radio started out and it

was meant to be commercial free that's

what you were paying for it for you're

still paying for it so having to also

listen to ads is a bit of an annoyance

some channels have ads running on the

channel itself others like CNN for

example where they're broadcasting the

TV signal cut in with dedicated radio

commercials during the TV breaks

how about on-demand listening and

downloads this is supposed to be

satellite radio right so what can you do

if you're having

flying not a lot unfortunately some of

the SiriusXM shows are available as

on-demand options but you do have to

hunt for them and on-demand simply means

you can play them at any time you want

it also means these are generally

downloadable the download process though

isn't intuitive from the now playing

screen of an on-demand episode scroll

down and look for the download button

below the on-demand episode name you can

also press and hold on an episode in the

list to download it overall I can't find

much that's negative to say about Sirius

XM's app I love how many channels there

are and there's content for every need

and want it's really easy to flip around

and the reminders are handy plus the

favorite setting makes it easy to dial

up my preferred stations there's also a

ton of choice meaning you don't have to

be bored if you're sitting at home or

still commuting to work on the downside

it's those pesky commercials on some

channels but really there's so many

channels and various different ways to

avoid the commercials that you can

sidestep them if you want to

I also wish there was more offline

listening options and more content

available for download over all the

streaming only package I tried is called

the premiere package and it's about

thirteen ninety-nine a month I liked it

and for the price of a couple of fancy

coffees it's not a bad option Sirius XM

in car packages start at about eleven

dollars a month and the all-access

package with a hundred and forty

channels is about twenty $1.99 a month

if you want to read more about my

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