XM.COM - Mobile Trader - How to use the MT4 Android Phone Application (Part 1)

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mobile trader how to use the XM Android

phone trader application part 1 in this

video we are going to demonstrate the

complete set of steps to use the XM

Android trader application on your

Android smartphone after you login to

the mt4 XM trader platform you will see

the mt4 Mobile trader interface the mt4

Android interface consists of five main

window tabs quotes chart trade history

and news under the first tab called

quotes you can see the list of active

currencies the left side column

represents the bid price while the right

side column represents the ask price

let's start by clicking the options

button here you are presented with

several options at the bottom of this

menu you can see the about button after

this comes the journal button which lets

you monitor all activities and actions

taken such as trades logging and


next comes the Settings button which

takes you to the main settings menu at

the top of the menu you find the

Advanced Mode section which shows you

the current spread of an instrument the

time when the price was last updated and

the high and low values of the market

prices for that specific day let's

enable this option to see the difference

click on the quotes tab to go back to

the main quote section where you can see

that this option has been applied

another method to access this option is

by pressing and holding down on an

instrument for example Australian dollar

versus Canadian dollar which makes a new

mini action window pop up from here you

can easily toggle between simple and

advanced mode the next button from the

options menu is messages by clicking

here you can access all your incoming

messages the accounts button takes you

to the login options window the plus

symbol on the top right side of the

window takes you to the log in main

options screen clicking the symbols

button takes you to the symbols display

order window screen which displays a

list of the current chosen instruments

here you can either add or remove

specific instruments from your main

symbols list by pressing the plus symbol

at the top side of the window you will

see the symbol selection window which

contains various symbol groups by

clicking any of these groups you can

view the contents of that specific group

remember that if you click back you will

go one step back to the main selection

section in the main groups window you

also have the option to manually search

for a specific instrument by clicking

the magnifying glass icon let's search

for example for euro USD by typing it

into the search field

you will see from the search results

that the instrument has been found if

you wish to remove a symbol from your

current symbol list click the bin icon

at the top side of the window by doing

so the selection boxes will be enabled

this allows you to choose the

instruments you wish to remove from your

main symbols list once you tick the

instruments for deletion a number on the

top left side appears next to the tick

symbol which signifies that one item is

selected for deletion after confirming

your choice and pressing delete you can

see that the selected symbol has been

removed from your main symbols list

remember that if any symbol is currently

active on the chart it will not be

possible to remove it from the list to

add a new symbol to your symbols list

click the plus icon at the top right

side of the main symbols window

do you have found the symbol that you

want to add in our example this is euro

USD click it once after this it will be

automatically added to your main symbols


clicking back you'll be redirected to

the main quotes tab here you can see

that the instrument previously removed

is no longer available and that the

instrument that you have just added

appears on the main symbols list by

clicking and holding on an instrument

you can see at the top of this list the

new order button this will be explained

further on when we show you how to place

an order end of part 1 thank you for