Xbox one all sound through Headset chat options.

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what is going on beautiful people I made

a last video about how to get or your

sue or yourself just surround sound

through your headset now I got this

cheap e one and I'm going to show you

the first thing that you gotta do is

double press right go into the options

there well system and as you can see

right there is nothing which means I'm

sorry to let you guys know it like this

but what this means is that this is a

piece of so you cannot work it with

that let's disconnect it and I'll show

you guys the other one alrighty now this

is a PlayStation 4 headset and let's do

the same let's double click the middle

one and let's go all the way to the very

end and as you can see we got an audio

option however we're missing something

which means this is okay little bit

better than the previous one but not

what you need if you want to hear all

the surround sound - through the headset

obviously this is just you know one

earpiece but it gives you these the

other one didn't even give you the

option so I can't believe that this it

should be the other way around the I

mean these this I mean the the Xbox one

should give you all these options not

the place that should one I mean so the

PlayStation works better than the Xbox

headset on Xbox it's crazy so let's try

the other one that I've cards which is

the solution that's what a comet okay

people here we are the moment of truth

so this is connected this is a

PlayStation 4 one so I mean it's

Wireless but because I'm using it here I

have to have to hook it up like that so


double-click we go once again to the

very ends and we got the audio options

which is good and this is what we really

needed headset chat mixer and you can

you know if you're up here is going to

suck if you're up here

still the massage so you just want to be

like right in the middle so you can he

people chat and the game so perfect

that's what you need now the thing is

that this one calls me like $150 the

other ones came for free with the

consoles but this is a little dear

however I got all the options that I

need this is what you need because I

mean I did the last video and there's a

lot of people going I do not get the

headset chat mixer option yeah and now

you don't get it because you use in the

wrong headset however this is sort of

like what you need okay now I got that

one over there that headset cost me five


it's really like crappy but believe it

or not that one gives me the same

options as the hundred sixty dollar

headset so so yeah you know what I'm

gonna try right now just to show you

guys how it works okay so um I did say

this was only five dollars

incredibly it still works but yeah you

don't I hate you I don't use that

because you know it's crazy it's gonna

be just dangling there and once again so

okay everything is connected let's

double click the home button and let's

go to notifications audio and voila we

got everything

once again mmm five dollar headset

versus a hundred and sixty dollar

headset obviously this is what I'm

looking for

those options which the five dollar

headset has got the same options on the

as the $160 headset headset although

obviously the sound sucks compared to

the so the good one

but yeah alright people so all those

that are like oh I'm not getting that

option because you are obviously using

the wrong headset I'm sorry but that's

the truth so yeah you just have to go

look around I mean I hope I've helped

you guys I've shown you four times

of head said that you can use and

incredibly the five dollar one is very

very compatible so just go up there

don't have to go for the five dollar one

don't be cheap but get something good

you know um it's been like 20 30 dollars

that should be more than enough and you

will get everything all these rounds

that you need all those sounds that you

need so you can hear the chat and the

gameplay all through the headset okay

that's basically at um almost five

minutes oh gosh this is five minutes

already that said this is way longer

than one expected piece you can see me

right down wavy not choose peace bye

let's go on key guys online I'll see you

guys peace