Setting Up Wi-Fi Calling on Android Phones

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hi my name is Ryan and I'm here to help

you set up Wi-Fi calling on your Android

phone Wi-Fi calling let you make calls

and send text over a Wi-Fi network even

when you don't have bars like in your

basement or office the first step is to

make sure your phone is connected to a

Wi-Fi network look in the status bar to

see if you have a Wi-Fi signal if yes

you're good to go if not go to the

settings menu to turn on Wi-Fi you may

have to put in a password if the Wi-Fi

network is secure now that we know

you're connected let's get Wi-Fi calling

set up you know if Wi-Fi calling is on

if you see the Wi-Fi calling icon in the

status bar it looks like a phone with a

Wi-Fi signal coming out of the

mouthpiece it may take a minute or two

for that icon to appear and register

another way to know if Wi-Fi calling is

on is to pull down a notification screen

you will see a message that says calls

will be made over Wi-Fi to turn Wi-Fi

calling on or off go to the settings

menu and tap on the icon that looks like

a gear under Wireless and network select

more here is where you find Wi-Fi

calling use the toggle to turn Wi-Fi

calling on and off and that's it that's

all you need to know to use Wi-Fi

calling on any mobile Android phone each

time you are near the save Wi-Fi network

your phone will automatically connect

and you'll be ready to make calls or

send texts t-mobile is the only national

carrier that has Wi-Fi calling we hope

you enjoy the feature for more

information go to t-mobile support pages

on t-mobile comm and search for Wi-Fi