Turn your Baofeng UV-5R into a Police Scanner!

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hey there guys pajama prepper here in

this video I'm going to be responding to

a question from prepper potpourri they

asked if I could show how to program the

baofeng you v5r

to scan police channels now I've been

trying to figure this out for the past

couple of hours on and off and right now

I'm at the stage where I have my unit in

Bearcat bc-350 5n and I'm listening for

any local I guess you can say chatter on

my town's police frequency and what I've

done this I've inputted the same

frequency here along with the proper CT

CSS tone now what I'm trying to do is

wait to see if this will receive when

they transmit to and if it if something

gets picked up on the scanner on this

frequency and nothing gets picked up

here we'll know that I'm doing something

wrong or that this scanner cannot

transmit ork excuse me cannot receive on

the frequencies that Public Safety uses

here but out underneath the antenna uh

the following is written on a little

plate underneath you have to unscrew it

and look at it it'll say FM - excuse me

FM / 136 - 174 / 400 - 520 megahertz

okay so this is dual band 136 - 174 is

one band that's VHF 402 520 megahertz is

VHF now if you have a unit in Bearcat

you can even look underneath up

underneath it here look at this little

cheat sheet you'll be able to see that a

in that band 136 - 174 what we have are

it says 137 to 144 megahertz is military

land 144 to 148 megahertz is that Oh

hold on it's working well [ __ ]

it's actually working

holy crap and I'm and I'm also getting

an alright scanner well okay so alright

so that kind of interrupted there for a

minute but it worked

okay so prepper potpourri that was

really unexpected I'm glad that just

happened so okay this is how I got that

to work now um well I was really not

expected interesting so I might scanner

on also I'm just going to lower the

volume I went to radio reference calm

because I needed to know the CT CSS tone

or PL tone now if you had a radio

reference calm they have a database of

essentially all the frequencies out

there they have them for Police Fire EMS

other agencies amateur radio and you can

even listen to live audio via broadcast

if I that's what I did during the

Ferguson riots because you know I'm not

in range of their repeater so I looked

for the Winchester or Winstead

frequencies for police dispatch which is

frequency modulation and that is the

mode the it's alpha tag is just Winstead

PD and the tone is 160 2.2 Hertz and

it's a PL tone alright so PL is CT CSS

that's what it essentially means now if

you're free if you go here and you look

there's different ones like there is a

digital PL which is called which is

abbreviated DCs or DPL then you might

even see CS q Charlie Sierra Quebec

carrier squelch or no telling which i

think is like with a the citizens band

some frequencies in Connecticut have or

some you know I have gone to the neck

which is a new digital type of mode and

the these are all the sub audible tones

or access codes used on the output

frequency now again it's 162 point 2

Hertz so what I'm going to do you have

to put in your frequency I don't want to

hit the transmit button cuz that's


so one five five point five six five

megahertz you're going to hit menu

we're gonna go up to just turn the

volume down I think it's number 11 but

you're gonna go to our - CTCs and what's

funny is that when you hit menu to go

down it actually says CT CSS then you're

going to hit the up or down arrows up

what I do

otta I have to go back to a 1 6 2 - 2

Hertz 0.2 words going to confirm and hit

exit now unless you want to transmit and

have the dual watch going you if you

want to do that which you don't want to

do because he's transmitting on this is

illegal in that frequency you'd have to

get the offset and everything and put it

here again because it's a repeater or in

any case the Alpha slot up here is the

you know the the scanner frequency or

the you know the frequency that the

police department is using uh to or that

I'm receiving on alright uh now I think

they're operating simplex or whatever I

don't know but I you know with 2 meter

ham and the repeater stuff from what

I've read you'd have to get the offset

and everything and then insert another

frequency which is usually plus or minus

from this one and you put like one five

five point five six three or five six

whatever five six nine and then have

that like that and then you talk your

transmit on Bravo and receive on alpha

so you know Co it worked

well now it's scanning wise the problem

is that not all frequencies are on one

sixty-two point two Hertz for the tone

for example my fire dispatch here in the

town is two ten point seven Hertz and

EMS is eighty two point five Hertz so

what you would have to do I believe

you'd have to program each code manually

Amadou channel mode connect and that

zero said I don't know how uh let's go

frequency Mahlon let's go actually up to

there's so many different options I

really don't like it and let's go memory

go channel to now we're at channel 2 so

I assumed now channel 2 is going to be

channel 2 is now going to be that police


and then again you'd have to do

everything else like that she go to

frequency mode and you'd punch in the

frequency function the PL or the you

know punching the tone of the code and

then you'd go to menu and then go down

to go up to you go up to memory channel

and then just it menu and then go up or

down whatever and then it exit and that

should be it now I'm going to fool

around with this a little bit to see if

it does anymore again I have the scanner

on so I'm going to test it out a little

bit to see if the scanner and whatever

if it all receives the same but yeah

that's how you do it and we got a little

surprise glimpse of how it works sorry

this went a little longer than I wanted

it to but I hope you figure this out any

other questions whenever you know where

to get at me so please like comment

share subscribe all that good stuff

thanks for watching guys