The best podcast apps for iOS and Android

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podcasts the shows you listen to say a

lot about us

from serial and this American life to

the Nerdist WTF and savage love if

you've got time to listen it for the

commute to work or to make your gym

workout go by a little bit faster

there's a podcast for you but how you

listen makes all the difference when it

comes to enjoying podcast as a whole the

simple truth is that Apple's built-in

app just isn't very good and Android

doesn't even come with its own podcast

app good podcast apps make it easy to

find new shows keep track of every

episode and make listening effortless

thankfully the App Store and Google Play

have you covered if you've got an iPhone

or iPad the best podcast app is overcast

overcast is a clean straight or design

that's easy to use but more importantly

it's got some really nice features that

focus on listening smart speed gets rid

of silent moments and dead air in your

podcasts and that cuts down on the

overall playback time more than you'd


and if you're the type who likes

listened shows sped up overcast as the

most natural sounding results and voice

boost normalizes the volume when both

ends the podcast so no one here is gonna

be too loud or too quiet

overcast also has a basic web version if

you absolutely have to catch that latest

episode and it lets you pick up where

you left off on your phone the one

downside to overcast is you can't stream

shows on the fly every episode has to be

downloaded in advance there are other

apps down Castro Castro that do offer

streaming but you won't find it with

overcast if it argue that Castro is a

bold more colorful design but overcast

still is the best package of features

and simplicity on Android the best

podcast app is pocket casts it's a

full-featured a powerful player that

makes it dead simple to find new shoes

set up automatic downloads or make

playlists of shows you haven't heard yet

podcasts is also available on iOS at 6

podcasts across Android and iOS so if

you have two phones or say an Android

phone and an iPad that's probably your

best option but the standout feature of

pocket pass is definitely its design the

app looks great it's got fluid

animations and it changes colors based

on your podcasts artwork overcast may

pack in more features but pocket cast is

way nicer looking just like an iOS there

are more options pot kicker dog catcher

and podcast addict all do the job but

none have quite the same appeal as


if you want day best Android podcast app

it's podcasts so do yourself a favor and

stop listening Apple's podcasts app or

searching Google Play for the best way

to listen to wait wait don't tell me

overcast and pocket casts are the two

best thought past apps out there and

best of all they make it fun finding

shows that are worthless