How to Listen to Podcasts on Android

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okay I'm going to show you how to

download podcasts on your Android device

first thing you do is download a podcast

app so you tap the Play Store when you

type in podcast once you do that there's

a whole bunch of them you can choose any

of them you like I like the podcast and

radio addict put the three little dots

there and it'll say download you

download it well I've already got this

one downloaded and it's up here on the

top left of the screen so you tap that

and then it says get started

you can browse popular ones or if you

already know the one you want you can

just do your search engine so I'm just

going to go and do that search engine

I'm and then type in the name of one

that you want there are a ton of them

you can google the different types of

podcasts here you go here's one that I

like to subscribe to you push subscribe

and then you've got them now you can go

back to the top left for the three lines

you can go to podcasts now you've got a

list of all of them that you've

downloaded if you want to download more

then you can go and you can insert again

and download more push that little plus

button up there at the top right and

you've got your search engine right

there you can do that so then you go

back to podcasts you can tap on there on

the podcast itself and we'll give you

some help already that you can read

through if you like or you can go and

you can just start listening to your to

your own podcasts now here on the right

you'll see little line with an arrow

pointing down that's if you want to

download it so that you can listen to it

without having to be connected to Wi-Fi

or data you can just listen to it

whenever but if you're connected to your

Wi-Fi or if you don't mind using data

then you can just tap on it directly and

start listening to it and that way

avoiding having to to download it new


and that's how you can go in and get