The BEST Podcast Apps for Android!

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from comedy and culture to news updates

and thought-provoking ideas podcasts can

offer hours of entertainment and

education typically for free while

there's plenty of ways to listen to

podcasts using a dedicated podcast app

is the best way to find and listen to

your favorite shows let's take a look at

a few of the best podcast apps on

Android by far the best app for podcasts

on Android is pocket cats available for

a one-time purchase of 399 pocket cast

offers everything you would want out of

a podcast app with an excellent visual

design and an easy to navigate interface

ideal for new podcast listeners pocket

casts offers a storefront for finding

new podcasts with featured podcasts at

the top of the app and the ability to

view by genre and popularity once you've

subscribed to your shows pakka casts

makes it easy to find and listen to new

episodes updates take a fraction of a

second and Auto downloading over Wi-Fi

it makes it easy to ensure you always

have something to listen to on your

phone you can sort through downloaded

episodes custom filters and separate

audio and video feeds which helps to

find the content you want quickly the

listening experience of pocket casts is

second to none with easy playback

controls to skip backward by 10 seconds

or forward by 30 the controls panel

offers playback speed options which

helps to speed up or slow down your

podcast along with the ability to trim

silence to reduce podcast length and to

artificially boost the volume on your

phone to hear voices louder and clearer

than before a sleep timer makes it easy

to fall asleep to your podcast without

missing the end of the episode pocket

casts is an ideal application for

listening to podcasts on Android but it

won't be an option for anyone looking

for a free application those who don't

want to spend a cent can make the switch

to cast box for a solid free podcast

player cashbox has several of the same

features we've seen in pocket cast from

a digital storefront for podcast to

playback options for controlling your

listening experience cash box's best

accomplishment is its own discover tab

offering what we consider to be the best

option for finding new podcasts outside

of iTunes

it's easy to browse for new podcasts or

search by popular tags making it simple

to find a new favorite podcast playback

a solid on cashbox tune with options for

adjusting playback speed and for

boosting the volumes cashboxes does

offer a monthly subscription plan for

$0.99 which removes ads brands unlimited

subscriptions to podcasts and allows for

removing the suggested episode panel on

the playback display still cashbox makes

it easy to use on a free tier making it

an obvious recommend for any user

looking to save a few bucks

of course there's plenty of other

options on Android as well podcast

addict and Beyond pod are two popular

choices among free users and though

neither app has as strong a visual

design as pocket cast or cast box

they're both functional and remain

highly regarded on Android each have

certain features and options locked

behind a paywall however along with

advertisements within the app stitcher

radio is a free app that helps you find

suggestions based on your listening

patterns and can be a great application

for anyone who wants to get in the

podcast but doesn't know where to start

with likewise Spotify has a whole

podcast option available in the app for

both paid and free users and can be a

great way to listen to podcasts if

you're only looking to subscribe to a

few shows at a time finally Google has

recently rolled out their own podcast

application Google podcasts which

features a distinct visual style and

synchronization between your phone and

any Google home devices scattered around

your house the app is pretty basic right

now with plenty of missing features like

sleep timers and the ability to add

podcasts through their RSS feed a

must-have for patreon exclusive feeds

google podcasts is free however so it's

definitely something to keep an eye on

as app updates roll out podcasts are

perfect entertainment for long car rides

or been relaxing at home before bed and

using a podcast app is the best way to

listen to them for more app

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