How to Listen to Kindle Books on an iPhone : iPhone Help

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hey I'm Skyler and today I'm gonna help

you demystify audiobooks on iPhone if

you've ever bought audiobooks from the

iTunes Store or from Amazon

you're probably wondering well how do I

listen to them on my portable device

well from Amazon and from iTunes the

content actually comes from

so if you've purchased audiobooks from

amazon you've actually purchased them

from audible and if you want to listen

to audible content on your iPhone it's

as simple as downloading their app so

let's do that I'm gonna slide to unlock

and then head to the app store once I'm

in the app store I'm just going to type

in audible audible incorporated right

here and there's the application tap

that gives me the details shows me

screenshots etc Hey look who it is

it's Steve so I'm going to open that up

and here we are now if I wanted to sign

in with my audible account I would just

tap here and sign right in otherwise

with a free account I can actually

download excerpts of things so I can

scroll through all these different

things like let's find out about Rob

Lowe 20 minutes that's a good little

excerpt bedtime story about Rob Lowe so

I'll download that and the cool thing

about audible is that they've got really

really fast servers so that 20 minute

story downloaded almost instantly and

there we go have fun I'm Skylar thanks

for watching