How to make Android phone Read Your Kindle books

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okay guys today I want to teach you guys

how to use in the top back picture to

make you enjoy phone to read the Kindle

books for you and it's very easy just go

to the accessibility issue and launch

your talkback feature and just go to sit

in and find the accessibility features

for for Xiaomi phone you probably need

to the additional settings and where is

it as accessibility and talkback and

before you launch it you can change the

languages and all you if you have the

different target text-to-speech engine

you probably can change it but the

default setting I prefer the Google TTS

system and you can you can cite in in so

some different voice and personally I

really like the English voice 3 and you

can choose even the United Kingdom you

probably can select some Irish or

Scottish accent like it's very sad for

you yo coat convenient and then if you

check oh you can change the speed right

as well a speech where so for me is too

fast and slow down a little bit okay

sounds good and now I launch it okay

punch it okay and for a long if you

want you that you you need to top up top

to comfort so if you want to scroll you

need to

fingers so now Amazon Kindle read now

swipe right and double tap to start

continuous reading double tap for menu

double tap and hold to select text start

continuous reading double tap to start

text-to-speech okay no little houses and

other creations by altering the size of

the bricks by 0.1 mm and sharpening the

corners the result was the automatic

vine so that is about it how make your

phone to read a book for you and it's

very easy and it's very useful for

sometimes you you can't put your eyes

let's go into all the time and actually

this is for some bright bright as a

quarter brain oh sorry I might go so bad

so just for some somebody can't see the

phone and to help her land to available

to use in the smartphone but I think I

think it's it's very useful for all

great people as well is very powerful

use if using I think I don't know you

guys thinking but I think this is really

pretty good and even you hit also you

can change the voice nice it's pretty

cool and I don't know how you guys guys

read your book just prefer to read by

your self always the voice assistance

I think Corey anyway just need a coming

if you've got you if you guys have any

crushes just leader crushes down below

and if you subscribe I probably see you

guys soon so peace