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all right yeah hi how you doing how are

you good yeah that's what it's all about

the Eagles real quick would install me

with a shoe size 23 and I want to talk

on the air about the Eagles linebackers

Northeast Philly okay if you wanna get

into a half weeks ago when she came in

five nothing yeah how you doing buddy

yeah we're talking about the football

first so I just got a couple of comments

radio centrality

yeah I this is the passenger of 23 okay

and I want to talk about the Eagles

right back

recall from solicit your piece and it

will total yeah yeah hi hi guys do it

hey I think it's way off the hot dogs

their pop meaning whether you eat too

many your head start to get back I think

you're ready for it yourself if you want

to get an age before try the headline

you want to big casinos do you have 45

minutes of this kind of quality material

I think any liposuction on your chin

4445 work back

you have a really fat an example it

looks like you have five chains you have

like three heads and one look like

Frankenstein head it's so freakin

w-l-k-y hi my name is Peter

allentown you know the 24 I will talk

about the Eagles win today

all right keep your radius turned off

and hold on okay sir

Reseda yeah hey guys do it right okay

thanks um darling I was looking great


Hey I mean it was unbelievable that was

where the seats on sticker table today

he goes homage I want to see the white

one with the little green stripe not the

one with the green at the little white

stripe you know it took four hours 20

minutes we finally got to the biggest

issue of the day that I got seaweed on

my shoe