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hi guys today we're summoning demons I

don't really have anything summon demons

lips so sausage actually threw away my

Ouija board today and I wanted to summon

demons or see what's going on in this

house because there's some some kind of

paranormal activity [ __ ] going on I

never believed in that stuff until I

started hearing things and seeing things

and this has nothing to do with the

video but anyways today we're gonna be

listening to 9-1-1 calls because it's

late at night and I want to scare myself

even more

maybe if I scare myself enough the

spirits or whatever is living in this

house with us won't scare me I don't

know we're gonna be listening to creepy

911 calls today warning a viewer

discretion advised this video a lot a

lot of [ __ ] goes down in this video and

it is disturbing so sorry there's

something in my throat


oh wow you wanna imagine being on the

phone with somebody imagine being a 911


oh you must hear some [ __ ] that's that's

just awful and the sad part is most of

the time it's too late it's like when

you call and the cops are like Oh we'll

be there in half an hour ole we'll be

there in an hour and sleep it's sucks

that most of the time it's like too late


what's your name what do you mean buddy

your brother's dead















like that


for us the peace Karen was so creepy

it's like somebody you don't even know

just breaks in your house and just like

what do you do this is so creepy when

you think about it's still scary when

you think about it

I can't tell all's I know is if my

center light came on and I just happened

to glance and see this thing running

across the yard a good-sized man or

something looks like I don't know what

it was my dog was killed here just

recently I don't know what it was

whatever it is just running I couldn't

catch it if I was gonna chase it

whatever it was it was standing up okay

what's he doing it's a big real big

person that's all I can say it is a


yeah I'd say it was a person somebody

really big black is wearing black he's

all black and he's big use the ass seven

foot baths standing in your yard staring

at you what'd you do oh now one where's

your emergency my house okay what's the

emergency I just killed my mom and my

sister you just killed your mother and

your sister how did you do that

twenty-two are you sure they're just yes

I feel like I'm not [ __ ] for laughing

because this is I feel like this is 100%

fake because they ask what your address

is and they didn't ask his name or

address or anything are you sure they're

dead are you sure they're just it's like

if they're dead we're gonna take our

sweet-ass time if they're not dead we'll

hurry the [ __ ] up are you all right yeah

I'm fine okay

where's the gun on the kitchen counter

is there any reason that you were so

angry at your mother and your sister I

wasn't it's weird I wasn't even really

angry with them it just kind of happened

I've been kind of planning on killing

for a while now dang that's premeditated

that's that's [ __ ] up that's gonna get

you life in jail again I I don't really

believe that one who knows if any of

these are real maybe I'm just saying it

to make myself feel better but I feel

cops ask your address like one of the

first things they ask is your address

and if they don't it's not legit there

may be

the address part was cut but and usually

it was just like nine one what's your


not 9-1-1 what's up 911 where is your

emergency I mean but you know I'm just

saying I think you know I don't know

anything about this case all I know is

that she died he killed her and this is


it really sucks like I feel really bad

for her I don't know what happened to

his kids what happened but yeah I I

don't know anything about this case I

know this one is legit obviously yeah

they tried to get in my back door again

who is okay who is this is Ryan I guess

Ryan you K this is a boyfriend a fine

no no I've been having a lot of problems

with him please okay they're gonna be

okay taking him in a car I don't know

he's trying to get my back door okay

have you been talking to your hair no I

don't somebody's trying to get my back

door you know no I can't see nothing I

put something over the over the windows

I couldn't one one have it and in the

room with you yes okay where is the gun

actually is it locked up okay okay just

calm down okay we don't want to do

anything too rash

I mean if you may not even know you're

in there okay


dang that's messed oh she hadn't gotten

everything she coulda shot it so he

pressed the gun against her and then he

shot ah no way okay I've had enough of

this I'm gonna end it right here I hope

you guys enjoyed this video sorry I was

kind of it's something you should watch

during the day with the light fun and

not in the middle of the night like me

and I'm probably gonna have nightmares

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love you guys so much six are watching

bye guys