How to use 8Tracks 101

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8tracks calm is a music streaming

website that allows you to browse and

listen to music playlists that are

created by other people what makes 8

tracks unique is that the music offered

is user-generated it's a lot like

browsing people's blogs only are

browsing people's music playlists to use

8 tracks you don't need to create an

account to browse through music 8 tracks

allows you to choose from a group of

categories or you can use the search bar

at the bottom to find exactly what

you're in the mood for in this case

let's choose pop and then choose 90s as

a second ingredient 8 tracks will show

you some user created music mixes that

cater to the categories you selected to

see all playlists in your category mix

just click the view all option on the

results page you can filter your search

even further by clicking the appropriate

tag at the top of the screen underneath

are all the playlists you can listen to

hovering your cursor over any playlist

will show you its tags or relevant

categories that it's under how many

people have liked that particular

playlist and the total number of times

it's been listened to just click the

option to go to its page to start

playing the songs click the play button

the number of tracks and playlists

description will be listed underneath