Listen to my Transmission Blow in my Volvo 780

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the snacks it


that's a clutch

that's not good there's not anything up

here how do you get on the highway back

there what's over there

I can't get in the gear

transmissions the clutch

waiting to get towed

that hill that you just saw me go up

she-she-she done me in as soon as I got

to the top of it hopefully we can get in

tow trucks on the way here about 20



making pretty good money in the last

couple weeks though

I'm in Virginia or West Virginia just

came out of Virginia had a load going

over there soon as soon as I came up

over the lip of the 7% grade for like

five miles uphill it just started it

just started shaking winding and then

some grinding and kept popping out of

gear pulled over not this off-ramp so

waiting for the tow truck yeah

that's trucking

that's not hopeful I get in today

hopefully it's like around 3 grand 4


okay hopefully it be 2500 but I don't

know we'll see

good old truckin gotta get it done

though let's wait for this guy well

they're hooking the tow truck


he's a testing soul yeah

get this Dean clutch I hope it's nothing

that serious hopefully it's like a

spring some something simple

said they'll ought to use this Peterbilt

so she got a Peterbilt well guys I am

being towed

you got hooked up

I got 44,000 pounds on the trailer

he's hauling us

and we're about to go down a 7% grade

now you read me all right right here

yeah all right


of course the spot we decided to get the

truck decides to break down is right

before a 7% grade with a full fricken


don't be able to test up and whatever

gets fixed

can't beat that that's what the best

test you can get right there

yeah this is trucking guys this happens

this happens

be nice they get us in and out by the

end of the day but I have a feeling it's

not gonna be till tomorrow

hopefully it's something easy and

nothing like the new transmission there

will be down a week or two

yep what a day

running pretty good the last two weeks


through what how many runs we have last

week three four three runs last week

they have grievances we were set to have

three runs this week this is the second

coming out of Virginia

hopefully he's got some pretty good

breaks he knows what he's doing

he's been doing this for a while

cannon this is the best mountain to get

towed down that's for sure right that

radios working good you guys didn't

check that video out of Woollcott CV

check it out

just gonna get here behind the old

record boy

I gotta use no fuel right now

I'm paying for his fuel for this tow


hey guys notice hotel room it's not


with three dogs

stop your growling in a hotel room why

are we in a hotel room ah let me tell

you so

truck is in the shop driving up the

biggest grade in West Virginia 7% grade

make it to the very almost to the top

I'm like 50 yards from the top of the

big old mountain and my transmission

blows transmission so that's what we

found out it was transmission not the

clutch oh so I'm thinking I'm gonna be

out of work for a week maybe two I'm

thinking eight nine ten grand no not not

even close

these guys at this shop what's it called

Anthony's nice

Anthony's repair shop in Crawley West

Virginia got in the shop he told me back

made some phone calls I got a new

transmission gonna be at his shop

tomorrow hopefully in the morning

with the tow the install of the new

transmission in my Volvo nationwide


four grand four thousand that ain't

nothing that a man so I'm getting a new

transmission because my transmission

shot so that's what's going on with that

I should be back on the road one Dale I

didn't even I won't even lose a load I

still got the trailer running right now

over there but I forgot to put actually

I forget to put locks and on the


I wonder if he's got a locked-in gait

I don't know but so that's that we are

gonna get up in the morning and

hopefully I'll be on the road by two

o'clock four grand it's like two runs

with this guy well naturally not even

two runs it's like almost one run the

way this guy's been paying like

one-and-a-half runs would cover this

four grand so that ain't nothing he'll

be back we'll be back on the road

tomorrow night as long as the UPS truck

doesn't have any issues delivering my

transmission so that's that get that

done tomorrow

so it's trucking that's trucking you're

gonna have stuff go wrong so all right

guys I'm about to I've had a stressful

day I'll get some sleep before I pass


Oh before I forget there's a reason my

transmission went out and I am going to

tell you about that in a video I'm gonna

make tomorrow and it has something to do

with a Volvo dealership that didn't do

their job and I'm gonna explain it and

well they didn't take any responsibility

so I am going to make a video on that

stop and I will let you guys know about

this dealership that did something two

weeks ago and was a cause of this

transmission going and when I called

them about it they didn't take any

responsibility said I'll explain that

I'm not gonna get into it right now cuz

it pisses me off but alright I'll make

that video tomorrow so hopefully new

transmission tomorrow well okay I


alright guys night