The Outside View: Chris Dimino of 680 The Fan talks Falcons

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hey Mike good sake how are you late

always good always good to talk to you

Eagles in the Falcons of course to kick

it all off on this Monday night I'll let

me get your quick take on the

anticipation for the Falcons this year

not very good the last two years I think

last year was a disappointment for them

where are they now with a new head coach

I think there's optimism it's guarded

optimism because talent certainly still

wins in this league and everybody's

trying to figure out what's the talent

level you have bodies you put together

your 50s you know you're 46 let's give

your 53 and then they're gonna get an

opportunity to try to slow people down

and take calls from people and I think

there's this idea especially with what

happened with the offensive line that if

you don't have enough guys in this

league it's going to be really hard to

sustain you might find a week it might

bounce your way you might make breaks

for yourself the other guy might making

steaks one unless you have bona fide

talent in this league 16 games there's a

long time I think everybody down here is

wondering what the talent level is and

how much can it actually be coached out

Chris I you know I look at the Eagles

and I see a team that upgraded a

top-five offense you know two years with

chip to top fives I think correct me if

I'm wrong the Falcons were the worst

team defensively in the league last year

does this screen to you as a bad opening

night matchup well it's funny because

has been one of the fishin's here who

was like sure she's an absolutely

cherry-pick give me somebody that's for

a lot of points I get that tell if

you're gonna break out a shiny new toy

pick out a shiny new toy if you're going

to have up you know if there's going to

be this moment where the building is

going to be electric and Dan Quinn is

going to have these guys ready to prove

to the world that there are no longer

that team this is the perfect opponent

I'm not sure you can play a shootout

with this team I think too much would

have to go right I get all of that but I

do think the problems actually what the

Atlanta Falcons might be this idea that

for the last couple of years they were

really a comfortable team to play

against down and distance was awful

offensively and defensively you know I

got caught up Mike a few years ago like

a lot of people did I get the statute

and look at third down conversion and I

try to figure out hey what does that

mean well really what it is is first and

second down down a distance offensively

third and eight you can't use all your

PlayBook the other guys got a second and

to the world is his oyster they couldn't

get off the field and couldn't stay on

the field that defends got more exposed

so third down conversion out find out

what they do on first and second

what the other guy does on first and

second and I'll tell you whether I have

a shot this year i'm interested in your

take I know the Eagles are a team that

gets to the quarterback and they don't

just get to the quarterback they bring

them down they do get a lot of sacks

back there how's the offensive line

match up with the pants for us to

Philadelphia well I want to get that

introducing themselves tonight it will

be you know what she was begin I mean

Matt Ryan he was on our station last

week and he said look my first phone

call was basically to introduce myself

and not hi I'm Matt Ryan but okay look

welcome let's go let's get to work and I

think there's only so much you can do on

a film room you know Jake Matthews took

an epidural this week that's not a good

sign you got a brand new center guys who

bounced around of five teens I don't

think that's a good sign I don't think

there's really a good sign on the

offensive line at all now the question

is can they blow up man up I don't know

give him enough protection you got a

rookie running back back there on a

second year guy who hasn't really taken

a snap in a preseason if stuff breaks

down you know the idea that you welcome

swing Patrick pass is great because you

got speed you got to get out into the

flat if you're protecting more than are

actually bumping outside that route

doesn't exist anymore and then the other

thing is Julio Jones look you pay them a

lot of money you pay matt ryan a lot of

money the guy can't get a five or a

seven step drop I mean might as well I

hate you know so sports cliches but you

might as well have me out there if

you're not going to be able to let Julio

Jones go loose and the only way gets go

loose is fast yes Matt Ryan had time

he's Christina 680 the fan in Atlanta

where the Eagles are tonight I wonder

you know if there's something that you

feel good about with Atlanta in this

matchup where is an area where you think

they have a good advantage that's a

great question because it's really funny

that's why I kind of ordered at this

past week what can you do well the thing

I know the Falcons Matt Ryan do better

anything they do in their arsenal is

they play a hurry-up offense he's smart

enough to get to the line of scrimmage

pick people apart the problem that goes

back to is is you're running back ready

for that can he bounced up after a

four-yard gain get back you know whether

it's a quick cuddle or no huddle at all

continued offensive line handle at these

guys haven't done this dance together I

think the best thing they do might be

negated by the idea they haven't done it

long enough as a unit that's problematic

the one thing I will tell you I think up

the middle rush I think they actually

have a chance to mush it up a little bit

this year you know but Beasley supposed

to be

get to the quarterback I hate the whole

hurry thing it doesn't really mean much

to me but if you push a guy out of his

comfort zone you can get Bradford into a

pile on all the sudden starts to fall

down this guys on the other side of the

line of scrimmage to me that's the best

bet to slow down you're often suspect

wants to drop back yeah it's going to

ask you about the Eagles tempo you know

it somebody brought up an interesting

point about this earlier on the show

that look Atlanta is game-planning you

know they're a team that gets ready for

New Orleans in Tampa Bay and Carolina

Philadelphia is a little bit of a

different animal they don't have the

personnel that you know that has to go

against this tempo is the tempo a big

concern for Atlanta tonight sure I'll

tell you in the one thing that that Dan

Quinn one of the reasons I liked him

coming over here is if you have a little

less talent there's one of two ways to

do it Mike Nolan's way was to send guys

off of the light towers that didn't work

you know his whole thing was I'd rather

have 10 guys who had for sex than four

guys were 10 sacks well he realized and

so does everybody else i'd like to have

four guys with two sacks because this

whole idea of playing that number game

got silly nobody got to the quarterback

here i think when you're trying to play

simple this is not a read and react

defense this is a react defense they got

this rugby style tackling you might have

heard about and cleaned it in Seattle

they're absolutely trying to install it

here and if you could in my opinion have

a little less talent don't make it

complicated wade phillips has been maybe

the best offensive coordinator and short

bursts in the NFL because it's simple

find the football see the football hit

the football bring three your buddies

with you you got to be able to catch it

though let's find out there fast enough

with your patient temple on some of the

speed to have an ability to bounce

outside can you actually get somebody

there with you is one on one tap when it

might be key tonight it might be the

idea is to swarm three four guys getting

up off the ground with the guy with the

football but if it doesn't happen I'm

not so sure this group can really do the

one-on-one type tap when stuff that

might be necessary but he didn't do it

the last couple of years you know all of

a sudden three yard games turn into six

guys falling forward for an extra three

and that down and distance things bit

him in the ass all last year Chris

dimino 680 the fan host the morning show

down there called the rude awakening

Chris let me get your thoughts on what

concerns you more Bradford or their new

running game with Marian Matthews I

think Radford I do because I think if

and I don't know how much play action

you want to run with this I think the

idea of being able to freeze guys

because you have good running backs to

me if I'm the Eagles I'm not selling out

on Tevin Coleman Devonta Freeman I'm

actually kind of my ears back and gonna

get Matt Ryan you know if I have to drop

back on Julio I will I'm a little

nervous at Bradford gets a hot hand and

all of a sudden you go a little play

action uh and now the world kind of

becomes his oyster against to play pitch

and catch and it probably includes guys

coming out of the backfield you want to

pinch that's great you want to squeeze

him that's great you know this whole

idea of you know maybe he's not so sure

how healthy is going to be for a whole

year I get no indication from everything

I've read that he's nervous about that

that part of it should not really come

into play tonight but if you can mock

them up a little bit let's see what

happens but I just think if he gets

clean I liked him better than other

people have I just think if he has an

opportunity now with these types of

weapons to have a little bit of a pocket

to be able to move step your step there

I think you think he can read it I don't

know if you guys have seen that and

maybe I'm off on that I just think

that's a guy he has time and obviously a

little bit of health I think he's a hell

of a lot better than people have ever

given him credit for probably because he

hasn't proven it over a long period of

time but you can see he's talented I

mean he is talented Chris dimino here

done in Atlanta we've got all pics today

go in Eagles way earlier today what is

the reaction in Atlanta are the fans in

the Falcons territory confident on a

Monday night opener look Atlanta's a

much better team at home over the years

in the mat Ryan eras in there on the

road so monday night at home that slowed

down 33 and five to begin and it's been

a lot worse than that lately I tell you

when ten games in 22 years now and on

the road and you're not one at home it

should be an advantage I don't think the

equals going to be flush to buy whatever

noise I can tell you outside the

building there's a bunch of Evil fans

here I think do you think the Falcons

have to play arguably a little bit out

in front of their skis I don't think

people think this is me as well I don't

think if this has played straight

turnover battle isn't one by the Falcons

that down a distance thing all of a

sudden I'm paper looks like it's push I

think the fountains have to be better

and a few of those territories I can't

tell you this the most valuable player

and it seemed last two years at Matt

Bryant the problem with the Eagles you

talked about the matchup I don't think

few holes win this type of game you know

I can win a field goal game against some

teams I don't

come winning with field goals here red

zone comes into play but I think there's

a it was cautiously optimistic for the

entire season I think people even

Falcons fans think this might be that

bad matchup you talked about at the very

beginning he's Chris dimino 680 the fan

in Atlanta Atlanta sports station where

tonight the Philadelphia Eagles take on

the Atlanta Falcons coverage here on 97

three starts at six the kickoff at seven

with Merrill and my Chris always a

pleasure pal enjoy the game tonight I

Mike listen uh but I mean estuve about

the season hopefully you guys