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Computers time to check the mail bag

it's about the text on 560 W 2 a.m.

hey welcome back 9:34 here on sports

radio 560 YWAM just happened the heat

Harlem shake is got everything you know

get into the Harlem shake video right

now he just punched Ben I was right in

the face and just drop them on the floor

I'm about ready to nut kick him right

now just to get him out of here

hey what do we got what do you got

cooking at melzack I'm not going at it

with Sileo and it totally distracted

that dance silly oh all right everything

sucks in South Florida all our team suck

we don't recruit the right Riley suck

everything sucks oh we hit that all

right what do you got what do you got

today let's get on their good wl5 the

more you give him air time the more

stupidity comes out of his mouth

better not even mention his name anymore

hey thoughts on that I'm not saying a

word I'm done Jay do you say off base

things to stop with Sileo ripping Riley

does draft poorly that's proven Oh

another assclown in the group there had

somebody I think that was from Sileo in

the mail Zakir you never know I'm for

the 7 8 6 jo may be silly or should

start supporting the local teams like

the Canes and Center ripping them all he

does is pushing recruits away when he

rips the program he's probably he's part

of the problem not the solution he

doesn't push any recruits away does not

affect one recruit one way or the other

no and neither do i I have yet to effect

one recruit one way or the other I

talked to one parent maybe a couple of

parents Oh gray area and I told the

parents what I thought but I have never

affected a final say of where a student

athletes going I have tried gray area