Anthony Joshua on losing to Andy Ruiz, the rematch and his legacy

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Anthony George Foreman after the rumble

in the jungle said that having lost the

world heavyweight title he felt he'd

lost something as a man

how did losing the title affect you

great question great question

it didn't feel like I lost something as

a man I say it felt like I needed to add

something so I still felt the same

person I was

hence the no complaints I wasn't crying

over spilled milk but I just felt like I

needed to add more to the cup the

blessing is is that I second-chance a

dirt and here we are and what changes

have you made here in training but in

terms of your lifestyle outside your

mindset right across the piece well I

used to kind of put a lot of my stuff

out there but I try and be a bit more as

I have now especially with the

information I've learned and gained from

some of the great fighters I feel like

the information is always out in front

of you but humans tend to have like a

mechanism that when we doubt doubt some

of our force but I've just trusted him

myself trusted in the team we have

debates we have talks I don't have yes

men around me no yeah no yeah we try it

and that's a great thing I'll say about

this training camp is that as soon as I

got back to England I got back in finish

and I started training so a lot of the

things I wanted to try it and and try

out I was doing mums back so it wasn't

like our eight-week training camp

12-week training him I was training way

before I caught the shepherd so I love

the trial and errors like things I

wanted to put into training camp I'd

already done so that was a real blessing

and in terms of what you do in training

what's changed here it turns out what I

do in training okay so I feel like if

you train twice a day two fifties make

up 100%

so 5050 will make you part-time one

thing part-time an hour 100% makes you

full time so it's just dedicated a bit

more time to box in you know because

fighters normally run in the morning

boxing the evening so it's just like

asking if the coach if we could just do

more boxing and stuff like that I had

that that I should be in a boxing gym a

lot of fighters go for a stage in their

career where the trainers dragging him

in the gym have to turn up to the house

knock on their door are you sleeping

I'm tired getting your ass in the gym

you're not tired that type of mentality

but when you've got a fighter and wants

to be in the gym three times a day two

times a day I think it has to click in a

train it said to say we've got this

fight where we won him and that's why

throughout a minute I just want to be in

a boxing gym as much as possible and

that that obviously then excels passion

skill the ability to learn so rather

than wasting that energy elsewhere

I've heard warnings about boxing was

there when you looked back one

significant factor that you could say it

was the reason you lost

yeah well gonna day really yeah is that

to thing with you or somebody else in

the can me me me nothing like nothing

like pion or anything like that

complacency no no I've never been

complacent I did lose and I and I you

know upset about that but is what it

isn't so wasn't complacency I just when

I say that the more to the point oh when

I said I lost it was more to the point

of it happens it happened to me so I

have to take it but I wasn't complacency

but the issues I had are fixed and I may

drop up on my youtube-channel one day

but these are the stuff that this is

what makes a journey interesting do you

know I mean these these type of things

that happen like a training camp is

never smooth hence why I learnt prepare

before I get into training camp because

during your 12 week or every preparation

you might get a niggling your knee knee

go in your back you got to take a week

out there's pressure on the train in

preparation I have no pressure in this

camp I could take five days often coming

back still fresh you know I mean because

I've lived their life but these are all

experiences I've gone through but the

issues I faced last training camp when

you're asking me is just down to lack of


even though it was at a high level we

were still quite an experience because

of how fast we had computed every


so is it burnout no not going out not

not so much burnout no not by now I love


I like that spot 15 rounds 12 round you

can love it too much

that's a good question that's a good


yeah Pete sometimes people like oh man

you need to chill out or go away after

this fight ha ha

I don't really say anything cuz I'll be

gone get it straight back in the gym

sure this is my life this is all right

this is what I want to do so yeah maybe

potentially but not bad not in a bad way

as I said you off why that's passionate

to the game that wants to stay in the

gym so it's definitely not bad thing

it'll be the worst thing for a trainer

who has a fire that was to be in the gym

to try and get him out and say go out

the gym there's other ways to train this

that's what I mean there's so many

different ways to train rather than just

hitting the pads or hitting a heavy bag

working your head movement your

coordination footwork so it's just

putting all this into the into the mix

and making the perfect perfect

ingredients the last time we were here

in Sheffield in this situation was

before there was fight and it was on the

day that Ruiz had been confirmed as the

opponent yeah it was two weeks since

Darrell Miller had been thrown out yeah

is there anything in the theory that you

lost the fight in those two weeks in

switching or switching off or not fully

switching back on nah he always beat me

fair and square

Luiz beat me but hindsight's a great

thing when you look back you saw - would

have done that harder than this but we

always beat me and that's just that's it

that's it how much pressure did you feel

from the outside to part company with

Robert McCracken for me / - I hear and

I'm just looking at these people that

wow I feel like where we come from

loyalty is everything you know

right my tires are still in Watford my

tires are still eventually what ties are

still my boys in London still the same

management company I don't know what

anyone else believes but for me

when you come chat to me you better know

what loyalty is and what it stands for

you know I'm not perfect

Rob's not perfect but we're definitely

trying I ever said it after the kitchen

I'm not perfect but I'm trying and it

applies to everyone and that's why we

have to give people chances and that's

why even my loss yeah I lost I'm not

perfect but I'm gonna try again you know

so that's the same thing with me if I if

if I have the attitude to kind of change

Rob this is me personally then I might

as well have the attitude to stop boxing

off but I lost coz after one slip-up I

can't no change the makeup of Who I am

but I remember Freddie Roach telling me

about his relationship with Manny

Pacquiao it started out as pretty much

master and pupil and by the end it was

it was much more 50/50 as your

relationship with Rob changed that's

really it has to be the athlete athlete

has to become the teacher he's the one

going through it he has to trust his

instinct he's the one going for the kill

put myself in a training position I'm

training a bunch of let's I have to

listen to these kids I have to they're

the ones on the field with the instinct

I just have the creative mind but

they're the ones are doing the hard

yards so yeah definitely but as you said

you start off as a complete novice but

then the one that has a spark who wants

to stay in the gym even when I leave the

gym people fingers I said I'm out with

the boys chillin now I'm at home

watching boxing studying this stuff so

my coach will tell me something can

alone referencing it about for about

five other coaches so I'm definitely a

teacher I'm teaching myself just cuz I

don't wear the credentials of teaching

five six different athletes well I'm

looking at that man in the mirror and

I'm teaching myself definitely 100% and

that relationship has to be one where

the coach once the athlete to progress

as a as a teacher because if not he's

gonna suppress him and take away from

his natural instincts and you said

you're the athlete the box are going

through it and and you spoke about

wladimir klitschko would would the

Anthony Joshua who beat wladimir


have beaten Andy Ruiz was that a better

fighter that night depends of call with

a left hook that's what it was and he's

a good shot and the pitch kind of caught

you with a great shot a few good shots I

just have more add more energy I'd be a

bit bit drained but I don't mean I lost

I just a bit drained don't mean I lost

I'll be Andy next time does I say we

should look at the past too much because

you're gonna be asking me a whole heap

of different questions to somebody eight

sure I mean if you look at the

scorecards I mean one of the judges and

you can say well what's the point but

one of the judges gave you four of the

six completed rounds the other two gave

you three of those rounds so there's

there's a template something was working

what we bandy yeah I never look at the

scorecards come on my fights hardly ever

go to go to point side I just feel like

in boxing you know who won yeah I could

be sitting at home watching it that's on

that I actually don't know how to score

a fight cuz I go to knock him out and I

feel like the public know who wins a

fight anyway so I've never really been

into the whole life he gets four rounds

he gets I've just I just feel like the

people know who would win especially

when it comes to me because we're quite

dominant in this division I thought so

are you saying it came down to that that

one shot that started that was liked the

end yeah yeah very difficult very

difficult to recover from that shot

because you won a round after that so

something on instinct was working I said

yeah that's what I mean that was an

instinct for sure so I feel like I just

keep on trusting their instincts as well

and that's why I said the relationship

with Robin McCracken etc has grown

you're talking about how you came back

after taking that left hook you still

won I still yeah it's one of the rounds

afterwards working on that kind of

instinct that fighting instinct that's I

say that and Ruiz is good

I don't think you should beat me twice

that's just my opinion

sure I mean that's what I mean I can

still win the round after I have to get

knocked down heavily that should give me

a little bit of confidence going into

this bike Jimmy and I know styles make

fights but you can you take anything

from what Joseph Parker did to it who

basically made it boring all due respect

you don't spakest I don't know they're

really pissed what I'm pointing up he's

the one defeat that the man has had yeah

do the pocketed make it boil it over

let's be nicely styled I think he

actually comes to dozens every Jersey

Pakistan probably that's what I'm trying

to say why find it boring it's cause as

a fan and I think those apartment comes

to hire you

that's fairly different so he started

even when he bucks me was just quite

like a boxing match it was difficult to

kind of nail him and he was are you box

well yes that's the style of boxing we

need to see but yeah just I was hard to

engage with him as well so he done that

to Andy as well but moving forward yeah

took the Lawson I thought right as you

said give a man a second chance so if

you if if you nail Andy Ruiz like you

did in the third round what do you do

this time nail him again but how do you

do that without getting caught like new

tears it's just boxes about time it just

pray to the gods that that this time

that punch whizzes past you it's just

about timing boxing about your kinetic

chain your rhythm your fluidity boxing

about milliseconds like when I box when

I'm sparring on boxing remember the

fighters right here and he throws a

punch and women that split second I'm

trying to avoid that point it's just

about time and the game sometimes shots

hit me I don't even know where it came


it's just about timing and then the next

time I'm in there and that's what I have


that's a coordination training wise

muscle memory

I should be fine-tuned so you've done a

lot more sparring this time

yeah so it's a lot more boxing in

general I understand what muscle memory

is that's why I said earlier I said I

could take five days off and come back

still be fit is before that full-on my

boxing muscle fibers are touching which

is a good place to be so yeah I feel

like I'm in a good place and you feel

like that sparring has made you a better

fighter than you were weren't you in the

first yeah

because I feel like he said what has it

added what's added I feel like Spiral is

really added a different element for

preparation for this fight because last

bite let's say I didn't invest in

aspiring I need love fighters don't want

to invest what they earn because you

earn a hundred pound you pay 46 percent

to the taxman you pay a percent to your

trainer for sent to your management and

before you know it you're left with

about thirty percent so when you're out

here spending when you're physios food

we don't have a hold like no one has

given me the team everyone has to get

paid so this time around we've really

invested in in the right sparring

partners championship sparring partners

as well to say the least and I thought

that's the type of stuff that gets your

kinetic chain your reactions and your

muscle memory firing and that's the best

way I could have done and I've been

sparring for since the twelfth week I

made sure I came into this camp it

normally I would have started sparring

I'd probably spar maybe seven weeks six

weeks but I said you know our campsite

is always issues with fighters you know

when I went to girlfriend bad back knee

goes gotta take a week or two out your

minds not in it well and I said I can

take a couple days off now I feel like

I'm in a good place

there's many a great name that's come

back and won a title had to regain a


how important will this be for your

legacy whatever you go on to do from


mmm it's one night no no no it's not

about this one thing it's about what I

want to make of it it's not about Nolan

it's just about me you know this is my


no man sitting

in his office can dictate what my legacy

is in my opinion we might ask my humble

opinion that's why I can honestly say is

that this next fight I really mean time

to me no matter what the man in the

office is thinking or to the man that's

writing about me is thinking this is

just about me so I just know how tough

this game is and I know how much I've

got to give to it so when it's all said

and done December 7 doesn't end but when

it's all said and done in the hand of my


that's when we can have the debate about

legacy but as for now this is just a

journey would you be happy with your

legacy if you never won the title back

it's hard to see you fall for like for

like where we come from because it's all

about you know we come from nothing it's

still tough but you remember we've got a

lot of mouths to feed as well so it's

that side of things is that we've made a

legit income you know coming from which

is a blessing but in the other side of

that is I money don't make the man man

makes the money so for me as a man I

don't think I'd be content if I didn't

win these towers again so that that as a

man means more to me than anything

how could you describe your mindset

going into this rematch and to me

compared to during the first it's like I

used to watch to all these YouTube

videos in the morning when I say get up

and I just finally because I'd be like a

lot of people when you go through life

you always look back so I always know

like 20 years from now God willing I'm

still here I look back and I think I was

a young man today but at the time when

I'm like twenties going into my face and

I'll be listening to these guys speak

right you got to take a loss you have to

know what it feels that I'll be thinking

man these people don't know and they

like me they do like me we are here to

lose memories I skip past that part now

we actually I have like I can understand

it and know what it takes so the mindset

now is I have a bit more understanding

and my ears open to new information

which I thought was only making me

smarter as a fire

that's why I wonder if ask me are you

hungry at night it's not about being


anyone could be hungry anyone can be

dumb and hungry I'm smart enough so I'm

just making the right move moving

forward do you think he will have grown

as a champion in the way that you once

told me you yeah yeah feel like you you

definitely grow because his is a no and

eyes are open to new so you will take on

a better Ruiz unless you say sometimes I

have the answer but this one I don't it

will see how hungry is in it when the

going gets tough because easy to sit

here in the comfort of my slippers and

joggers talking about it well when that

Bell goes and the going gets tough we'll

find out in a minute couldn't actually

alter that question hard to know whether

on one side he would have grown on the

other side his hunger would have been

diluted by yes but the good thing is

even like when we say down low you buy

says people's eyes out buying his stuff

but then I looked at I said well when

that bell goes trust me the man's gonna

come to fight he's not gonna be a urban

poem boom then we just collapsed

he's gonna come to fight he's Justin

it's an instinct his muscle memories

just go in it he's building it it's

Billy and me so regardless of lifestyle

and stuff like that unless he's been

strung out on drugs and he's not the

same person we knew three months ago

he's gonna come to win me so I'm

prepared for the best Ruiz greatest I

appreciate it's how thank you very much