Listen to Test Match Special Abroad

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okay if you can bear it in this video

I'm gonna show you how you can listen to

Test match special abroad now as you

probably know if you're outside the UK

most the BBC and in fact all the UK TV

radio online stuff doesn't work properly

you can try and go to the website but if

you go to the BBC website you go to this

version which is the international

version which is missing all the iPlayer

and all the live streaming TV stuff if

you go false itself and go specifically

to say listen to the Test match special

broadcast you'll get something like this

content doesn't seem to be working

it's basically because the BBC website

looks at your IP address and sees where

you are so in this video I'm going to

show you how can bypass this and if you

want to listen to the next test match

you can actually do it for nothing we're

using a trial account I'll show you okay

okay the way I'm going to show you is

how to bypass these blocks and in fact

I'm not just talking about BBC all the

UK this is all the UK TV stuff and in

fact channels and things like Netflix in

the USA Hulu HBO NBC Island India France

Germany all sorts of different sites

they normally get blocked you can

unblock them using this simple method

okay so I'm using a system called smart

DNS proxy okay I used to use a VPN

virtual private network it still works

but this is much much easier okay so

this is my account for smart DNS proxy

you'll see a link for a free trial 14

days spot in the description below so

all it does is I need to activate my PC

after I've done one simple task and

that's to set up smart DNS servers on my

PC so on my PC I would merely go to the

local area connections now this works

the same on a smart tv on a tablet or

your phone a media streamer pretty much

anything you go in there and you're

looking for the DNS service and you need

to put in the smart DNS servers okay so

you need to pop them in there

unable them and then you go to your

account and that's it okay so if you

enable this PC now won't get blocked for

virtually any site now let me just show

you will go to the BBC and we can see

here we're going to the proper BBC

version let me just show you if you want

to go to the TV let's just watch it live

you can see it's going to stream here

smart DNS just basically works in the

background there you go it's about the

Ennis is also faster than a VPN because

it doesn't route your entire connection

through server only small parts of it we

were also showing you the test matter

special which is the key to this let me

just show you hopefully you can hear

that before we got the message about

this content isn't working now we can

listen to test that's special now just

to show you the power of smart DNS if

you like I can also if you're cooking

other you might like this site it's

based in India and basically normally

you don't you get block unless you are

apps inside India itself but because

smart DNS enables virtually all these

sites I can go and the reason I'm

showing you it's got a huge cricket

section and you can go and watch this

normally a non-indian PC would get

blocked here but smartly Ness just

enables it it's working in the

background you see and it steadies is

use the only time you have to make a

changes have you change your IP address

you have to re-enable this the

connection so it's great for using at

home and stuff if you're traveling a lot

on your phone going to different Wi-Fi

spots it's a bit of a pain but it's

really designed for at home because your

IP address will rarely change there and

that's it it's called smart DNS you can

see a link in the little top left corner

and in the description below you can get

a 14-day trial go and try it out you can

listen to

England collapse in the afternoon in the

fourth test against India any questions

pop them in the comments below and I'll

try and answer them but this is smart in

as proxy and enjoy the cricket