Listen To & Record Thousands of Radio Stations on Android [How To]

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hey what's up everybody its Dallas with

gadget hacks and today I'm going to show

you how to listen to and record

thousands of different radio stations

from all over the world now way back in

the ancient times of the 1980s people

would use cassette tapes to record their

favorite content from live radio

broadcasts we've certainly come a long

way in regards to accessing such content

in the modern era with websites and apps

that let you stream live radio stations

from all over the world now but

somewhere along the way we lost out on

the simple ability to record these

programs well the new app from developer

Jay Walsh will allow you to livestream

FM radio stations from all over the

world and at the press of a button you

can even record these broadcasts the app

is called world radio FM and it's

available for free on the Google Play

Store so search it by name to get it

installed then we'll see what it's all

about now when you first launch world

radio you'll be taken to the apps side

navigation menu tap all radio to see a

list containing thousands of radio

station feeds from all over the world

when you select one of these stations

playback will begin almost immediately

the audio quality is crystal-clear since

this is a digital broadcast with almost

no signal degradation that you would get

with a normal FM receiver but if you

want to record some content from this

radio station just have the record

button at the top of the screen this

recording will be stored as an mp3 on

your device which can be easily accessed

from within this very app when you're

done recording just have to record

button again and when you want to stop

playback tap the stop button at the top

of the screen if you want to listen to

your recording now head to the side

navigation menu again from here choose

recordings then you'll see a list of all

the content that you've recorded just

tap one of these entries and playback

will begin immediately

so it's an app that brings back some

basic old-school functionality to our

modern era streaming radio but for the

full breakdown be sure to check out my

article over on catch and XCOM and as

always we'd appreciate it if you would

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subscribe to our channel so we'll see

you again next time folks but until then

happy gadget hacking