How to find work abroad - Entry level tips!

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hello everybody how are you today so a

few weeks back I made a video about how

to find a job in the UK and that one was

about how to start your career in the UK

how to find a job that starts your

career abroad today's video is a little

bit different it's going to be for you

if your dream is moving abroad but maybe

just for a certain amount of time and if

you just want to get some office

experience abroad for six months or a

year and you maybe don't want to work at

Starbucks so if that's kind of what you

want to do hopefully this video should

help you so what I do want to start with

is telling you the story about how I got

my first job abroad so I was looking for

a job I was searching on different

websites I had no clue what I was doing

or what I wanted to do and I'm sure a

lot of you feel the same like you don't

know what you want to do do you want to

go abroad at the time I did know if

wanted to go back to Germany or not so I

was really quite clueless and I was very

lucky to be contacted by a recruitment

agency and they said to me sandy we

noticed you speak German and you're

looking for a job so why don't you come

and work as a customer service agent and

a customer service agent is essentially

a person that sits in a call centre and

takes calls all day long and complaints

and emails and I thought this is

probably not what I'm looking for at the

moment but they wanted to put me forward

for this job and actually I thought

there might be a chance and the brand it

was for was quite cool as well so I

wanted to give it a try so I got invited

to an assessment day for those of you

who do not know what assessment days are

there can be quite daunting so

assessment days our interview days where

you get invited to that company

alongside a lot of other people then you

have to compete against the other people

in different tasks or interviews or

group tasks presentations etc so it can

be quite daunting but I thought I'm

going to give my best I did all my

research I prepared very well and I was

awakened I had enough sleep on the day

so I did get the job and let me tell you

it wasn't half as horrible as I thought

it would be it was a great brand and

made sure that you know there was enough

benefits and enough you know caring for

the employee

and I enjoyed it and I actually did stay

a while all that to say this job I got

and my only skill that I needed for it

was pretty much be myself and speak

German because the customer service that

I was giving was mainly to people in

Germany so that kind of brings me to the

first tip when you're applying for a job

abroad an entry-level job that hardly

requires any you know experience


don't forget your most important skill

your most important skill is your native

language so for me it was German and

believe me I didn't really know my CV

was full of stuff

but German was tiny you know in the

corner somewhere and I didn't apply for

jobs that required German it was only

their recruitment agency that kind of

told me about it so when you're creating

your CV for that first job abroad don't

forget your native language is very very

important and I'm not going to give

loads of CV advice now you can google

that but the only thing I want to say

don't make it longer than two pages and

include as much detail as you can and

detail can be any clubs that you joined

in school or in university or any jobs

that you did when you were 16 and you

were selling popcorn at the cinema when

you were cleaning or when you were doing

babysitting or when you were maybe

giving maths homework anything like that

it's irrelevant and all of that should

be on your CV now that's all good you've

got your CV and you've got your language

on your city and you want to start

looking for jobs that require your

native language where you're going to

look there are two places where you need

to look number one job website I'm going

to put a few down below that have helped

me in the past or that I know have good

sort of you know jobs that look for

people that speak a foreign language but

number two and most importantly more

importantly actually our recruitment

agencies so again I'm going to put a few

down below and also the one that helped

me at the time

there are recruitment agencies that

specialize on people who speak a foreign

language so they look for German

speakers they look for French speakers

they look for Italian speakers and you

are much more likely to find this

entry-level job through a

equipment agency because a lot of

companies don't really put these

entry-level jobs on LinkedIn or on big

websites they just want recruitment

agencies to help them because there's

going to be much faster so your chances

are very high if you work with a

recruitment agency for that what kind of

jobs can you actually find and what kind

of job should you look for so like I

said like my first job that I ever found

customer service is probably going to be

the one that is most likely to find any

type of customer service complaint

handling by a telephone or email order

processing taking orders over the phone

etc at any call center based jobs should

be very easy to find and there are

plenty out there trust me the other job

that you can possibly find is sales or

tele sales but be a little bit careful

with this one because some of them can

involve you having to call up a lot of

innocent people and having to try to

sell them something so I know that some

people don't mind doing this and they

can do this all day so if you don't mind

doing this and yes do this because then

you're going to call up people in your

home country on behalf of the company

that you're working for but I just want

to say that this is not for everyone so

just make sure you're checking the

company that you're working with and if

you're okay to do that another job that

you can find is researcher type roles

now researcher is a very very broad area

but it can mean any type of data

collection or survey collection or

information collection over the phone

via email or even out in the streets

for the company that you're working for

and finally and this is why it's

complicated you can also become a

recruiter for a recruitment agency now

what but these agencies that I spoke

about they recruit people of course like

I said like you and me who'd speak

different languages but in the agency

themselves there are actually people who

also speak foreign languages because

they need to recruit people like you you

see how it all goes together so a lot of

recruitment agencies hire people with

minimal of no experience at all as long

as they have the language skill and

again if you are interested in that you

can also see if that recruitment agency

actually has a job for you with them

rather than find one for you

so especially in London and in the UK I

know that this is something that a lot

of people do and it's very popular and

if you speak at least you know a

European language you're quite likely to

maybe get a chance of finding your

recruitment agency job now what I want

to say and what is really really

important is that all of these jobs are

not the most exciting ones none of them

is necessarily going to set you out for

a huge career like I said some of them

might be difficult to do some of them

might not be for you but if you do not

mind at all what you're going to do

abroad and all you want to do is get

office experience some you know system

experience something great for your CV

then some of these will be for you and

then this will be a fabulous experience

for you abroad you will meet people who

work in offices abroad and Uwe meets

other foreign people and you get office

experience abroad which will look great

great great on your CV afterwards so

like I said if you're very fussy about

your job choice very very difficult much

more difficult anyway I'm not saying

this is not possible but if you're happy

to do any kind of office job then I

think this video should have helped you

a little bit at least so why are you

from what languages do you speak and

where do you want to go abroad to do you

speak 5 or 6 or just one language or no

language at all let me know in the

comments below any other questions of

course below as well and that's it for

today thank you very much for watching

you can watch my other video down there

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you next week I'd love to see you again

hopefully you'll come along and that's

it goodbye

happy job hunting