Use THESE Plays From the 49ers Playbook! | Madden 20

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what is up guys in for playbook da GG

and in today's video we're gonna go over

a Shanahan staple passing concept that

you could apply to your offense in

Madden 20 before we dive into this video

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channel ok guys so welcome back now in

today's video we're gonna go over the

single back wing type formation found in

the San Francisco 49ers playbook now the

49ers are one of the hottest teams in

the NFL right now and Madden 20 is a

very outside zone oriented game you guys

know that the stretch is a very very

good run this year and the Shanahan

offense this understand or jumbo style

offense is predicated around inside zone

outside zone and also some throwback

concepts to the tight ends they utilize

their tight ends better than almost any

team in the NFL especially off play

action so what if they kind of break

down a little bit of a route combination

or a couple plays that you can use with

this run first identity in Madden 20 but

still have the ability to throw the

football so we're gonna go ahead and

take a look at the PA why drag wheel and

also the PA wheel slide now both of

these have drag wheel routes these are

routes that chinhan uses incessantly in

his offense he's going to constantly

test your ability to stay you're in your

lanes your past assignments and your run

fits and he takes advantage of defensive

over pursuit every year and this offense

even to his father it's always been this


you go to Kubiak and guys guys like that

very similar they're gonna use their

tight ends as great run blockers Road

graders and they're gonna work them back

to the weak side of the formation for

throwback so this will be great against

your match style coverage and also some

zone now what I'm gonna do here for the

sake of this Eric Donald's in the zone

I'm gonna go ahead and spy him here just

because he's ruined a few takes of this

video already but what we're gonna do

here is we're gonna talk about how this

works now if you know what type of

coverage you're facing there's gonna be

variable setups that you can use in this

example we're in quarters so we know

that in quarters those deep zones on the


they have a vertical threat meaning the

X or Y icons on the field if they go

vertical off the line those deep zones

are gonna take them man-to-man so what

I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna show you

how this works

we're going to go ahead and work this

little boot to the right side

and what my preferred setup would be for

this would be to put TOI low low on a

delayed flat that you could check down

if good one is not open on the crosser

across the field but what you're going

to notice here is that you're gonna have

the ability to throw back this wheel to

Kittel you see how we're able to throw

that ball to the back side of the

formation and that is due 100% to the

fact that we are utilizing the match

rules of cover four against the defense

so cover four quarters we know that this

is a match style coverage what this is

saying is that Weddell on this play is

looking straight at the tight end in

front of him the second option from

outside to inside he's responsible for

the second guy if this guy off the line

goes vertical Weddell has to take him

down the field man-to-man furthermore

this guy briefs Knapp is looking at this


if this receiver goes vertical off the

line he has to follow him man-to-man so

you look at your your zone and you're

like well hey he's not playing his zone

it's actually a match coverage so that's

something that you have to be aware of

cover four quarters has man matching

principles as a result this drag from

Kittel crosses the field underneath and

then turns vertical after the players

have already matched their threats

allowing you to throw this back against

the grain this is a great cover for

match beating concept teams use this a

lot in real life you'll see this out of

pretty much every teams playbook it can

happen from shotgun it can happen from

under center I feel it's best used in

real life off of play action because you

get the tide in kind of blocking down it

looks like they're trying to get off the

line get an inside back or climb to that

second level and seal somebody and then

boom they drag across the field and Bend

up the back side sideline

away from the roll out quarterback sets

his feet and throws it we've all seen it

in the NFL it happens all the time I'll

go ahead and illustrate this for you

again here so cover four I'm gonna go

ahead and spire and Donald because again

he he just ruins he ruins practice mode

videos I'll tell you that much

all the time he'll do this so again you

run the play-action

kyndall drags across the field you get

the vertical matching boom you throw

this backside wheel you picked yourself

a gain of about 25 30 yards possibly

more now you start to talk about you

know your cover to defense it's it's

very much so the same concept as long as

you are running vertical somebody to

take away the deep responsibility you

should be fine so again let me go ahead

and take care of air and Donald here

just for covered self shell purposes now

keep in mind guys we are also not really

running the ball there is a nice stretch

and there's also a dive in this so

you're gonna want to set up this this

passing concept with the stretch in the

dive but again here we go ahead and run

this here we're booting we're looking

for the crosser

you see that you got your X receiver

across the field boom hit the X receiver

toe tap pick up a game of about 30 so

cover to is not gonna stop it now we go

back into the replay what you're gonna

see here is that with this play if

you've got an accurate quarterback you

can try to set your feet on this and you

see that there's this little little

window you see how use check is pulling

that deep half responsibility right

there Weddell Scott his back turned

you've got this sideline window that you

could throw into as you see Kittles

streaking up the field as we turn our

attention to that you see how Kindle is

streaking up the field on that throw so

you're gonna be able to throw it to the

back side of that cover to window as

well I'll try to illustrate it again

with the break on ball that they've

added into Madden 20 it can be a little

bit frustrating to make these throws but

I'll see what I can do here in this

example again all I'm doing on this play

a streaking use check delay flat tile Oh

low you're gonna carry out the play fake

and again you're gonna go ahead and boom

throw that ball right there into that

spot you don't even have to roll out

away from it you could stay in the

pocket and wait for that throw if you

wish I just think that the throw back is

a little bit better but again you're

gonna need a very strong arm quarterback

to make that throw consistently now

let's go ahead and go into the cover

three shell here cover three sky and

what we're gonna do is we're gonna go

ahead and I'm gonna play cloud flats

again here just to kind of show you it's

a very similar concept streak use check

you can delay flat tile Oh low and I'm

gonna go ahead and spy Donald again just

kind of play the seven on seven here and

again what you're gonna see is you

should see Kidal run back into that

window so and if he doesn't you still

have this little crossing route you see

that we throw that's a good one and we

pick up the gain of about thirty

so you're still working out with a deep

crosser that should pull the user across

the field you can see that cover to

cover three are not gonna stop at cover

four match is really gonna struggle

because it gives up the wheel route now

we also have another play here we also

have this play the PA wheel slide PA

wheel slide is very much the same

situation so we're gonna be working the

inverse of this play now the one

difference that I would say with this

play in particular is that you don't

have the deep crosser so you know this

is gonna still work against your come

before match so we're gonna see that

pretty much the same thing here let me

go ahead and spy Donald so what you're

gonna do is with this type of play my

recommendation would be to go with you

know a streak to the inside tight end

actually Kidal has the the route ability

so you could do that with him as well if

you want but I would street toilet low

just streak him down the field that

would work just fine and then I mean

it's up to you what you want to do

another thing you could do is you could

motion Goodwin across the formation give

you a more vertical threat down the

field to pull the zones back further um

so what you could do is maybe something

like maybe something like this you know

a little delay a delay flats a toy low

low play action to the strengths and

then again you're gonna wait for Kittel

or actually that's juice check and now

the issue is that you check is a slow

fullback you know if you have a faster

tight end running that route he's gonna

get open over the top a little bit

better against that route combination so

let's go ahead and go right back to that

here again we talked about how you could

go ahead and go vertical with Toro low

off the line again if you had a faster

player than you check you're gonna see

better results out of this but again you

see how he's kind of wheeling up the

sidelines he's just giving up ground

because he's slower than the linebacker

covering him but you see how he wheels

up against cover four and gets open now

let's go into cover to cover to again

we're gonna see pretty much the same

results here you're gonna pull that

safety deep to the inside on the PA

wheel slide so you can pull that safety

down the scene with Kittel you know you

could slide the full-back or you can

still run the side concept with B

underneath and then the comeback route

but again you can throw this ball back

so if you're rolling say this way and

then you get you check back into this

window you see how you can fit that

ian's cover - now again you want to

tight in there not a fullback but we're

a little bit limited here in regs so you

see how that's definitely open against

cover - and then you have the high-low

on the roll outside with the come back

and then the slide route underneath the

formation again we go back into cover

four I'm sorry cover three you're gonna

again see the same type of results as

long as you're pulling a deep player on

this play you should be able to fit the

wheel route into use check so here in

this example we go ahead and run the

play action and ahnold's gonna wreck us

you see how we're trying to fit that

throw into that sideline you could

actually do that right there

we actually got flushed I wanted to roll

out and then throw it back across the

field but you see that you can still hit

that throw so what I like about these

concepts a little bit of a long story

short here on this is that you have the

ability to have options no matter what

if there's a pass rush on one side you

still can hit your high-low if you can

roll away from the pressure you're gonna

have your your wheel set up to either

the side you're rolling out to or the

throw back side that should be open what

I like about this is that in general

you've got options to options on both

sides of the field with this concept now

again guys we didn't touch on the run

game you guys know at this point the run

game is as simple as your your stretches

your inside zones and your dives so this

formation has a dive it's got a stretch

alert looky it's got an inside zone it's

got a single back power run with a

pulling guard you've got a belly call I

don't really trust that too much 26 duo

is a little bit different you've got a

lot of different running concepts out of

this with some great play action stuff

again guys we talked about PA slide as

well in a video I believe last week we

talked about how PA slide actually

really manipulates the underneath hook

defenders in cover three and cover four

so if you guys haven't watched that

video make sure to follow it up right

after this video by watching that one

I'll link it in the description below so

you guys can reference that and you see

how you can kind of start to cooked up

some schemes hopefully you guys enjoyed

this video let us know this is something

that I kind of wanted to do a little bit

a while ago but as the 49ers have gained

strength in the NFL they're becoming a

popular team and as you look at the

playbook it's not the easiest playbook

in the world to run

but it's also got some really nice some

nice eye candy if you will so I think

it's a nice book let me know what you

guys think we'll see you guys tomorrow