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so I just get back from the club clouds

I get some vegan what update now I mean

but y'all welcome back to another video


like a star

so this is a bit different than my usual

video it's a bit more informative I

guess and we kind of going to breach

their conspiracy theory kind of level I

was made aware of the situation from so

luminaries videos so all props to him

check out this video if you haven't yet

but what I'm going to be talking about

today it's frequencies in music in the

music that you and me listen to and this

is something that eggs also talked about

what's the point of music no it's not

always that fun it's not always to what

have fun sometimes it's to help people

find themselves good music is frequency

program music is frequency well if your

frequency are you being fed I will hope

I will help you before they go put some

negative put out this conversation they

go for it for this part for this part of

the conversation and I see that I'm

really really actually helping people so

let's talk about frequencies the music

you listen to most of the music you

listen to is on a bad frequency it's on

440 Hertz and when you listen to music

at this frequency apparently it makes

you feel tired you get bad vibes I mean

you get led to the song you know it's

not the song that makes you feel tired

is the frequency that it plays on so

Spotify iTunes the radio they all play a

440 Hertz 432 Hertz is resonating sound

apparently of like the universe just the

natural sound is a 432 Hertz but they

play the music out 440 Hertz and I mean

this you can look this up but just watch

so Illuminati's video he explains it

very well but yeah you could be

listening to your favorite song and all

the sudden you're gonna feel you're

gonna feel a whole lot of bad juju and

you're not even gonna know why and the

thing is you can't see this energy you

can't really hear it neither you can

only feel it and just how your body

reacts to those frequencies so it's the

music industry trying to brainwash you

trying to make you feel down I don't

know why they would but maybe it's um

it's a part of some bigger propaganda

but there is apps and I actually

downloaded an app where you can play

musica for 32 Hertz when you listen to

music of for 32 Hertz it apparently does

not impact you in a way that 440 would

so it's interesting and I might just

show you guys real quick an example of

what I'm talking about

I'm just requirements so here is

something a 432 Hertz it's called

without you by I hate merely one of my

homies and let's see if we hear I need

anything off about


now obviously first glance this just

sounds like another track right but look

once we turn off - converting to 432

thing off



this it's a bit higher pitch at 440s so

apparently those frequencies are bad for

your mind a bad for your soul and they

just make you feel oppressed but you

don't even know about it you just

listening to your favorite song and all

of a sudden you're just like whoa what

the [ __ ] why do I feel so [ __ ] just want

to go to sleep you don't want to do

nothing you go out to a party and the

next day you're just like so it's a big

conspiracy theory I mean there's no

proof behind this and there's no proof

to disprove this - now a lot of people

argue that look if this was a thing like

that people would have noticed by now

people who would have known by now if

440 Hertz was a bing like it was a bad

thing and it was like some mind-control

manipulation thing by the music industry

which I mean look I don't know but at

the same time the people that believe in

this theory could argue that for example

if they were trying to control our minds

and thoughts they would not make it so

obvious at all like that would make sure

that no one would find out right so

there's always two sides to this

argument personally I've been listening

to music at 4:32 for the last four days

and I don't know if I've been listening

to it for long enough to feel any

differences there's obviously a big

difference in a pitch and you can also

search up videos on YouTube where you

see how the energy inside water looks

differently so obviously there is a

physical difference and think about this

if you play a sound at a high enough

pitch it can actually break glass now

for 40 Hertz is not enough to break


but obviously pitch has something to do

how the sound

affect something for 40 might not be

enough to break us but it might be

enough to impact us in a negative way

now let's see what happens if I play

music next to this balloon and see if it

reacts in any way you see this it's

getting pushed away look this is not to

prove that there's any differences

between 440 and 432 Hertz it's just to

show you that there is actual energy in

things when you listen to [ __ ] and when

you do [ __ ] energy that you can't see

with your naked eye you know but keep in

mind that this is just a stupid balloon

we are like humans we very complicated

[ __ ] creatures bro so small

differences to us are very very big

differences compared to a [ __ ]

balloon where everything you know I'm

saying I figured I figured out that

Hertz is to understand the frequency

vibration right so there's kilo Hertz

what's hard is Hertz kilo Hertz mega

Hertz right and then there's I think

it's ultra Hertz if I play with those

frequencies right I can target certain

parts of the mind target the frequency

to go to certain parts of the mind and I

can literally like if I want you to ask

for project right

you know astral projection is I want you

to ask if I want you to ask to project

if I want you to go to sleep I want you

to go into a meditative state I can make

my music do that now tomorrow standing

hurts our vibrations per second so what

I'm saying 440 Hertz its 440 vibrations

in one second for example when you strum

a guitar obviously the more Hertz the

higher pitch the sound gets because you

have to squeeze more material into a

smaller space and time for example if I

try to speed up a 10-minute video to one

minute will become much more

high-pitched I guess that kind of makes

sense so 432 Hertz is a slightly less

pitched version of 440 but apparently

that's the natural sound of things serve

who knows if the [ __ ] if the government

just let me bro just let me work let me

do my thing

if they let a young man and be a young

man and they let me move on with my life

and let me be the person I need to yeah

I need to be not only for myself but for

the kids because both if they free

everybody up the kids grow and it's sad

but it's the truth

well people feel like they got so much

control of it over the kids but no film

the internet really do the only answer

would be to kill me and I'll say it

right here on your life and I love you

the only answer to kill me but kill me

for what my goals are positive look man

I recommend downloading the 432 app to

your phone this is not an ad I was not

paid I was not told by anyone to do this

get the 432 app you listen to music on

your phone like that for maybe a week

and see if there's any differences and

let me know because I'm trying to find

out - bro really want to know if we're

onto something here bro shout-out to Sir

loominatee for raising awareness on this

I'll [ __ ] go check out the video

subscribe to his channel very very

little content


and yeah man

till next time please scoot over much

bye bye John


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