How to Listen to 3D Audio

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yo what's up guys this is the techie one

from tech inform dot us here and this

year at CES there are a lot of 3d TVs

coming out but what about 3d audio have

you even thought about 3d audio well

today i want to show you this

application called head quake and this

is what allows you to listen to 3d music

ok so here is head quake just open it up

and here it is loading nice little

animation when you start it out and here

is the app between ask you to plug in

headphones so i have headphones right

here let's plug them in now that went

away now you can get a personalized

personalized and choose what headphones

you have apple earbuds in your

headphones or large headphones i have

just in ear headphones from five below

so i'm gonna have that and then you can

go to songs artists playlist albums and

play your music that is on your ipod in

the 3d so let's just play this song and

now it is plain you can't hear it

because in the headphones but then you

have position position will allow you to

change your 3d angling of the audio

ambulance that's more stuff for the

audio and then volume you have your

pause button next track and then you can

skip skim through everything so that is

head quick this is a amazing app i can

really hear the 3d sound in it i think

it works amazing right now this is free

for a little bit of time i believe it

ends at the end of the month this deal

so get it now this app is really insane

but I do say you do need pretty decent

headphones because i was using my apple

headphones and i could not really hear a

whole lot of the difference between

standard audio and then the 3d audio but

anyway guys hope you liked this video

this is Delta he won sunny now