3 Steps to a Professional Voice Message

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hi guys have you ever felt frustrated

after listening to a voice message

because you didn't catch the person's

name or even worse you were not able to

understand the contact information that

they left for you such as a phone number

or an email address because they spoke

too quickly or maybe they had an accent

that was not familiar to you and so it

was difficult for you to understand well

you know I hear people in sales in

administration in customer service and

even in human resources where they are

returning calls to job applicants make

these mistakes where they speak too

quickly where they speak unclearly and

so it's difficult to understand the

voice message well in this video tip I

am going to show you at simple

three-step process that you can always

use when you need to leave a

professional voice message but before we

start with the tips and the steps first

make sure you speak slower than usual

when leaving a voice message when you

speak slower it's easier for other

people to understand you and also if you

have a long last name or an ethnic

sounding last name like I do you may

want to spell it when you're introducing

yourself in the voice message so tip

number one the first step in leaving an

effective voice message is slow down

when you're introducing yourself and

consider spelling your name if you think

it might be strange for the listener for

example my name is Bart Zig so when I

leave a message for somebody who doesn't

know me I would say something like this

hi this is Bart Zig colleague Zig is

spelled said why see H you

you can see that I spoke slower

especially when spelling my last name so

that's step number one

step number two is clearly state the

purpose of your call but don't get into

details so you may want to start the

sentence something like this I'm calling

about or I'm calling regarding or I'm

calling to this could be an

informational voice message I'm calling

to let you know that or it could be an

inquiry I'm calling regarding the job

that you have on offer so that's that

number two state your purpose but don't

go into details leave the details for

the actual conversation and then step

number three is leave your contact

information clearly so if you're saying

the phone number you may want to say it

twice the first time at a regular speed

such as you can reach me at six oh four

five five five four five four five

that's six oh four five five five four

five four five you can hear that in the

second time that I repeated the phone

number I actually slowed down between

mentioning the digits because that helps

the other person to write it down as you

are speaking it and also you may be

saving the listener some time because

they won't have to repeat the voice

message just to be able to catch the

phone number so to review step number

one make sure you slow down when you're

saying your name and you might want to

spell your name if it's a little bit

different from what people are used to

step number two clearly state the

purpose of your message but don't go

into details leave the details for the

conversation because then the people can

ask questions and confirm the meaning

and step number three lead your

contacting from a

clearly and maybe even repeated slower

so that the person listening has time to

write it down I hope this tip has been

useful for you and as always if you have

any comments or questions please make

sure to leave them in the section below

this video