2GB RAM Vs Modern Gaming

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hello everyone and welcome to another

video now most people would say that

eight gigabytes of RAM is probably the

minimum you want to go with if you're

building a gaming PC some would even

argue that sixteen gigabytes is the

sweet spot

I myself have played on plenty of PC's

with just four gigabytes and never

really ran into any problems but where

do we draw the line

I've watched a few comparison videos

between different amounts of RAM and a

lot of them don't really show any sort

of significant difference when we're

talking about 4 8 or 16 gigs don't get

me wrong I know some games will use a

ton of memory and as games get more and

more demanding the difference will start

to be a lot more noticeable but what

about 2 gigabytes I remember when this

was overkill and then it was the sweet

spot and not too long after that it

became the absolute bare minimum now

it's not enough apparently anyway but

here on this channel we don't just

overlook such aspects and today we're

going to be testing out just how well 2

gigabytes of RAM does with a few more

modern and demanding titles you may be

thinking why not one gigabyte well to be

honest we tried that and pretty much

every game showed significant lock ups

during testing so unfortunately it seems

as though unless you're playing much

older titles one gigabyte of ram is

definitely not enough which was kind of

obvious now we're using 2 1 gigabyte

sticks of ddr3 in dual channel clocked

at 1333 megahertz so it's nothing

special but it's the speed that you

would likely find at the best price now

it's time to get into some tests we're

also using our overcooked G 32:58 at 4.2

gigahertz and a gtx 750ti storm X

overclocked Edition at the end of each

gameplay clip I'll be putting the

average frames per second that we

achieved with 2 gigabytes of RAM as well

as the average frame rates from 8

gigabytes of RAM that we usually have in

this system to give you an idea of the

difference now as expected even booting

into Windows took longer and everything

generally felt slower so is this a sign

of things to

come let's get into some games fallout 4

first and I wasn't sure if this would

even start up given its love of crashing

on the first few tries no doubt it took

a lot longer to load even with the

opening credit pages giving us grief

whilst 1080p is more than achievable

with 8 gigabytes of RAM with 2 gigs in

our system we had to turn things down to

720p with the low preset once we were in

the game we took a walk through Concorde

which in all fairness has quite a bit

going on in terms of smoke effects and

stuff like that now to clear something

up shadowplay has no real impact on FPS

which is what we use to record with

including a fraps overlay in the

background to put that little FPS

counter in the top right corner there so

what you see here it's pretty much what

you get I could feel the game wanting to

do well everyone loves a Trier but the

two gigabytes just caused unplayable

stuttering so let's move on to GTA 5

which in my experience has fairly good

optimization but does it have two

gigabyte sort of optimization I do

believe there is a low memory mod that

can be downloaded for GTA 5 but we

wanted to keep things original as not

everyone will know or want to install

something like that again stuttering

played the game with frames all over the

place to be honest resolution doesn't

really make that much of a difference

at one point we even put things on 800

by 600 and we had the same results I

will tell you that the settings menu and

map screen work like a charm though if

that counts for anything

Skyrim special edition next this is the

remastered fancy version of the game now

whilst the original runs well it's an

old game and therefore that's to be

expected however this version actually

runs ok too sure there's lag light with

the other games but not as much and if

you're out in the open you won't have

any slowdown at all which is quite

refreshing the game even maintains a

solid 60 frames per second in some

places just don't get into fights

because that will take a big toll on

performance finally we have dirt rally

now I apologize for the lack of

battlefield 1 or The Witcher 3 but it's

with good reason

battlefield one looked like a slideshow

of photos from the family vacation and

The Witcher 3 kept crashing which is

quite unfortunate but this is a sad

reality of the limitations that two

gigabytes of system memory has these

days so anyway dirt rally ran like a


look at this there was almost no

difference here between two gigabytes

and eight gigabytes of RAM the game is

on high settings at 1080p as well so it

looks great whilst 2 gigabytes may be

enough for those racing or sports games

if you're looking at playing anything

else you're going to need a ram upgrade

even two more gigs should actually do

the trick

but I would 100% recommend 8 gigabytes

of memory ram is fairly well priced

though and it doesn't have to be the

expensive stuff either it just makes you

wonder how far away the point is in

which we'll say oh wow you've only got

32 gigs of ram how do you even run

Google Chrome thank you so much for

watching I hope you've enjoyed this

little look at what 2 gigabytes of

system memory can do in 2016

unfortunately it wasn't much but I hope

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