Spotify Group Sessions: How to Use!

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hey guys welcome back in today's video

i'm going to show you

how to do spotify group sessions spotify

group sessions is a relatively new

feature that should be rolling out to

all devices in the near future and one

of the best things about

it is that it can be done in person or


so in today's video i'm gonna show you

how to do it and i brought a guest with

me because spotify group sessions could

obviously not be done by myself

so i'm gonna introduce my little sister


who was happy to help me today uh-huh

so we're gonna both open our phones and

then i'm gonna open my most recent


and we're gonna make sure our volumes

are down because

in the place of whatever songs you're

playing it's going to be copyright free

music your favorite type of music

alright so i'm going to click on a song

i'll click on expectation by team impala

and then do you see the little icon that


it's a computer and an ipod see that

icon right there

so i'm going to click on that icon and

then i'm going to click

start a group session and it's right at

the bottom

and it does say beta which means it

might not work and i've never tried this

before so we're also gonna see how it

works for a first time it says listen

with friends in real time

pick what to play and control the music

together so i'm gonna click start


and then on your phone kiara

you're gonna click that little thing

and then click scan to join click scan

okay and then hover over my code

so now it says on her phone join session


continue i click on my own device


wow so now i'm in a group session with

her bug just

blew my eye so now we can pick what to

play and control the music together

so gone are the days of being in the car

with the group being like what song do

you want next

now everyone can just control the queue

on their own

so got it so you can join up to five


five devices but we're just gonna do the

two of us right now

so now i'm gonna change the song even

though you guys can't hear it but i'm

gonna replace it with stock music so

expectation by team impala it's a great

song and what you're hearing right now

is not that so now i'm gonna go to the

next song

and her phone if you x out there

your phone should be controlled by what

i'm listening to so if i change the song

right now

boom yeah it changed it changed and i'm

gonna mute this part but we're gonna

turn up the volume on both of our phones

and see if it plays at the same time

almost like a speaker

so that's good to know so it didn't play

at the same exact

rate her phone was a little delayed from

mine so now if i change the song again

we're going to try it again

no it doesn't work so you cannot listen

that way so if you try it again

maybe you should do it on one device

because if you do two devices at once it

doesn't seem to be working

but i know that we can also do it on


if you're with a couple of friends and

want to listen to a podcast at the same

time almost like a netflix party that's

how you can do it

let's see see listeners add someone you

can text them the link if you want a


join group session i'll just text it to

you so you can see what it looks like

when you get it

oh there it is okay i'm in

you're in so then now let's see what it

looks like with a q

like if i was to add a couple songs to q

if she would be able to control that

and if she would be able to add songs to

the q also because i don't know since


the leader of the group session like how

that works so we're gonna try that right


so i'm gonna cue the song cabin fever by


and how to cue it is i'm gonna drag it

from the left

until it gets cued so just add a song

from your list okay okay

okay so now both of our volumes are down

and now i'm going to play so there's my


right now i'm curious to see if her song

gets added next

it does now what we're going to try is

i'm going to cube

two songs and she's going to cue two

songs and then we're going to see if it


me than her and then me then her or if

it just does my two songs than her two

songs so right now i'm gonna queue two


i'm gonna do places and the last great

american dynasty

okay and then you can cue two songs

okay so now let's see what order it does

it in

so there's places that's my pick last

great american dynasty my second pick

mirror ball was your pick and the mirror

ball again

and then the lakes so

no i picked august oh it didn't even add

it that's weird

yeah so overall it does seem to work but

if you do have someone in your group

that is kind of a cue hogger

that like once they get their hands on

the aux they add 20 songs to the queue

and then everyone's just sitting there

like when will this end but hopefully in

the near future spotify adds something

that kind of prevents that by

going in order like maybe in the

settings you could turn on a feature


it goes user by user so that everyone

gets their fair

chance at a song but as for now i think

it works pretty great

especially during it you can do it

remotely you can do it whether you're


so i think it's a great feature to have

and i think it's going to be

more advanced in the future yeah can you

see yourself using this with your


yeah to end the group session you click

on the devices at the bottom

right next to the play button and then

you can click

end session and then if i end the

session the session ends for everyone

so even if someone else wanted to stay

on or if there were two

people they would have to start their

own session so comment down below how

you'll use this feature

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will see you guys next week

and special thanks to kiara for being in

my video

and i have a guest so that because i

couldn't do this by myself

so i'm gonna

and i have a guest that uh

just say um and i brought a guest for me

and i brought a guest with me because

spotify group